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On the Verge **Quick Update**~ The Pleiadian High Council


I am Mira, the Pleiadian High Council, and I am very happy to communicate with humankind.

Finally, you are on the verge of entering to the high dimensional realms and leave behind low energies of 3D, which prevented you of being a multidimensional Galactic Being, as you were before you came to Earth.

You started to receive the upgrades, as soon as Divine took over the Ascension process. Be ready to accept your forgotten responsibilities, such as helping everyone, who requires assistance. Most of you were traveling to different parts of Cosmos to rescue from Darkness enslaved civilizations. You took a commitment to become missionary to go anywhere to fulfill your duties. Your mission on this planet got overextended due to numerous reincarnations, which got stopped now by the destruction of reincarnation machines.

Our healing chambers are going to restore your lost memories and transform your bodies into multidimensional one. Meantime, it’s recommended daily meditations to keep high frequencies. You can request our presence during your meditations. It will take some time to reintegrate to the life, you left behind millions years ago.

Asleep part of humanity will stay in 3D, as their soul wants to be in low vibrations. Please, welcome their choice even though you disagree. You are in the place, where you are ready to embrace a new reality without regrets leaving behind everything, what represents Darkness.

The desperation of Dark Entities to survive reached a new level. They were trying to build a station-ship, which would float with them on the board in Cosmos. As I speak, Ashtar Command just destroyed their station.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you aboard our ships for healing or to meet you in person. Our team is excited to see all of you very soon, and we can’t wait to provide you with an enriching and transformative experience.

Please, receive my Love and Support. Your journey on planet Earth is almost done. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Stay Strong.


**Channel: Erena Velazquez


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