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Everything is Rising Everywhere ~ Master Saint Germain

I am Saint Germain and I come to be with you at this time.

These times of raising of vibration, even though it appears as vibration is lowering across the planet, it is indeed not lowering, it is raising everywhere. Vibration is increasing. Consciousness is increasing. People are becoming aware everywhere of the dark forces and how they have done everything they can to hold vibration back everywhere keeping you in a state of low vibration, keeping you within the third dimensional illusion as much as they could, continuing as they can to hide in the shadows. But as you know, as vibration frequency increases, the shadows can no longer stay as shadows. They cannot remain that way. They must come forward into the light.

And then they shy away from the light. And you, all of you are rising into the light. And you must understand that. That as much as the cabal, the deep state, the Illuminati, as much as they want to hold you back, they cannot do so. They cannot hold the collective back. Yes.

There are those that do succumb to the darkness, but more and more are rising to the light. That is what you have to continue to understand and believe as you focus on those things that are happening in your world, in your third dimensional illusion. But as you know, you don’t become attached to them any longer. There was a time when you did become attached, when you did lament the present moment that was happening. But as you know now, being in the present moment and being in the higher vibration, you cannot hold on to that old programming any longer. It is past. It is gone. And the more that you can believe that, the more that it will be gone. It’s as if at some point you will be able to hold your hand out and materialize anything you want in that hand because you have raised your vibration high enough to be able to do so. That is your mission now at this point is to learn more and more to be in the present moment, to let go of the past. The past does not hold on to you any longer unless you allow it to. Be in the present moment.

Be in the creative manifestation stage that you are moving into as you move through this ascension process more and more and further and further along the path toward ascension, toward your full ascension. Yes, you do need to pass through this transition period, but only because you believe you need to. What if you didn’t believe you needed to pass through a transition any longer? What if you did fully believe that you could hold your hand out and manifest anything you wanted in that hand? As if you had your own inner replicator within you and could replicate anything you want just by thoughts. What if you could do that? Then there would be no need for a transition any longer. You could simply move on and move through the ascension fully. But until that point, when you are able to do so, just simply learn to be in the present moment.

Learn to let go of all attachments. For the attachments in your lives hold you back. All of the attachments hold you back. Whether they are attachments to material things or attachments to people, they all hold you back. Even attachments to your children, your family, your friends hold you back. That is not to say do not love them, but love them through the transition. Do not let them hold you back from the transition.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. And that you continue to move forward and move beyond the old programming, the programming that no longer exists if you believe it no longer exists. And the more that you believe that, the more it will not exist. And the third dimensional illusion will simply fade away into the past, never to be brought up again.

Original Title, Detachment.

Channeled James McConnell at

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