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Hello and Welcome to Universal Lighthouse Website.

Our service is to spread the Light, by sharing Daily Galactic Messages, Spiritual Teachings. and to help raise this Earth and humanity in Love and Light.  

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To Our Dear Family of Light,

We Are Chellea and David, We are what you would consider as a TwinFlame.

Our Story started as children and we ended up falling in Love at the age of 17. We Had our first Paranormal experience together at that age. Long story short, we got lost in the woods. All at Once, we were on the side of the road. We had missing Time, several hours, and ended up 30 miles away from home. However, after that year we went our own ways, creating our own Lives, and having our own children. During that time I went to a Christian College, and studied the scriptures and majored in English. This is where I had my first real encounter with the dark Side of reality. I was literally attacked by what I can only describe as a demon, and it was a public attack, about 100 people saw it. and it was all directed at me. Another Longer story short, I was quickly removed from the school in a hush hush manor. I knew then that Things were not what they appear to be.

 I begin to study the Unknown at a much deeper since then most. I even looked into things like wicca, trying to find truth. Thats when I discovered the Fairies. I realized that I had a very deep connection with the fairy kingdom. So I began to explore, Astral Travel, and entering the Fairy Realm. This was My first experiences with Channeling energies and moving energies. 

One of my Early explorations was Metaphysics. I was taught through Master Don Waddell. I was very young at the time, and really didn't totally understand what it was all about until much later in Life. I also began to Study many ancient texts at this time, Trying to absorb it all. I went through many things that led me to this point I am Now. However, Everything took a Turn, when David came back into my Life in 2008. We immediately connected and began a relationship. This relationship has been filled with Spiritual, Cosmic, Mysterious, Paranormal, and Supernatural Experiences. At One Point we even started a Paranormal investigation Team Called Back from the Past.

It Really all began in 2012. We Had a Tragic Event take place within our Family, that affected both of us really hard. We both went into a depression. I decided to put my energies into creating a Fantasy Picture Story Book. It was a Story with, Using David and I, as the Characters. It was a fanciful Story of a princess and a stable boy who ended up in another realm. A Realm of Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Wizards, Unicorns and Dragons. As I wrote the Story, I created Images for the Book, by creating 3D graphics. (I am also a 3D Artist) I had finished 33 chapters, and was coming to the End when it all started....

This is where things got really scary, Weird and Amazing. The First page of my book was a tragic event that took place where the princesses Father passes away, and she must step up to the throne so she is whisked away to her families castle, to train for her new position. These events actually happened. My Father ended up passing away, and with everything else that was happening, David and I left Indiana and moved in with his Family all the way in Colorado. To start out, this began to scare me about what I had written. Soon after, everything began to follow every page of the Book. I was about to go Public with what was occurring and all of a sudden I Lost the Whole Book, all the images of everything. All I had left was a few of my 3D characters still in my programs for making my pictures for the book. This paranormal/supernatural activity went on for several Years. It Literally Played out Mine and Davids Daily Lives. Literally Playing out every scenario I had written in the book. I began to realize that this gift was much different, and I still don't understand what happened. I tried writing the book again in many different forms but every time it is removed from my computer or the file gets corrupted . We Lived that Reality for about 8 years. Through that Time We had many unexplained experiences, But we also found our real Purpose, as a Twin Flame Combined Energy. I have found comfort in being able to channel the higher forms of Light. I am able to do this because Through this magnificent journey, I have remembered at least 10 different past lives. I have connected with my higherself in form, and have woke up as an extraterrestrial, within a sleeping pod, 3 different times, throughout my life. Just like the movie avatar. 

Life has moved on to a new Story where My Mother is now in our Life Full time. she is getting ready to turn 84 Years young and I care for her Full time as an in home Care provider. and this is a big part of why I am able to spend time doing this work. David has been my Back bone through this entire Journey. He is My Strength and my protector. He is my Love. He is the other half of my Soul.

In So Much Love and Light,

We Love you Soooo,

David and Chellea.

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