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WHO ARE THE DARK ONES? ~ The High Council of Sirius

Greetings, We are the High Council of Sirius,

We have observed the human race for many thousands of Your Earth Years, watching and anticipating the moment when you enter Oneness. We are beginning to witness, the divines Intention, of a Mass awakening taking place all over your planet. The beauty of this is like a wave of Love sweeping across the Earth. Many now are opening their eyes to the truth of their oneness with one another, and are beginning to show compassion and empathy for those who are in great distress from the Cabals recent actions. Many are beginning to stand up against the Cabal, who are engulfing humanity with conflicts, wars and deception in these times. The Dark ones are still focusing their intent on stopping your ascension, as individuals and as a collective. Many are wondering why it is so important, to know the darks agenda and their deranged intentions, When you are in awareness and have already awakened. The reason for this is so you don't get undermined or surprised by their actions. They are very intelligent and have played this game for many, many, Millions of years, not just there on Earth, but all over the Universe. There has been questions of where and how these Dark ones came about. We will attempt to explain this By using the knowledge of this Channel into the Gnostic Teachings.

In the very ancient past in the early years of this Material Universe, There was a Dark overlord Ruler that had total control within the Physical Plains of this Reality, and had the Power to create and manipulate physical matter. He was a Lightless being, and was very self-absorbed, vengeful, hateful, Jealous, and demanded worship, and sacrifice. This truth has been brought out through your gnostic texts and teachings, of a Demi-God, Named Sakla, or Yaldaboath. This Dark Ruler, is also the God of the Jewish Peoples and is also the God of your Book, the Bible. Through your Book, he is known as Yahweh. This being was a creation or the Son of the Great Mother Sophia, who chose to create without using the Infinite Creators light. This is where the Material universe originally came from. It was not always in existence, as many may believe.

However, In the Process of her Universal creation, Goddess Sophia also created the Demi-God which was Lack and did not have the Infinite Love and essence of the Great Father. This Being had great power and was able to create Other Living Beings, But they were also without the Infinite Creators Light and Love. So there are many of these Lightless beings throughout the universe, These beings are referred to as Archons, or the Dark Ones, because they are Literally without the Infinites Light. However, the Demi-urge then began to create Humans on Earth, that were also without the Light of the Infinite Creator.

Sophia Witnessed her error, and made it her total mission to stop the evil she had created. She then tricked her offspring into giving his Light, that he had obtained from her, his mother, to the Humans he had created on Earth. She did this by telling him he must breathe Life into the Humans. So Through His Breath, He Blew his Only Light into the Human Form. When he discovered this, he became very angry and vowed to destroy Humanity. Sophia Then Split her Essence, and divided herself into 2 parts, One which ascended back to beyond the pleroma, from where she came, and the Other she placed within the Earth to help protect her children.

In those same Moments, The dark one was then imprisoned beyond the veil within the void to separate him from his creations, and to allow for Humanities spiritual growth and freedom out of the Darkness. However, The Dark species, that the Demi-urge had created, are still very active, and are still trying to control Humanity there on Earth. They have control over the Ones you know as the Cabal which is their Hybridized Dark Minions. They are Lightless, without the Infinite Creators essence, And will do anything to stop you from your ascension.

There are many darker races of Beings throughout this universe who were created by The dark demi-urge who had no access to the Infinite light. In Our understanding, they are what we consider Dark Souls. They will never have access to the Light. and Hate any and all who can Ascend through the Light Spectrum, Which was set up by Sophia, to allow her creations to ascend. This is why the Dark Ones wish to enslave Humans. They do not wish you to advance in the Light, because you will become more powerful than them. You will rise above them and out of the Dark Physical Universe. This is something that they can not do.

Many have asked, how could God have created such Darkness. The Infinite Father/Mother Creator, did not create the Physical Universe. Nor did they create any of the Beings within the Physical Realms. The Creations of the Infinite, are only of Light.

All Life within the Physical Universe, other than the species of Archons, that Sakla had created in the Ancient Past, is created By Sophia. Who actually in the Human understanding, is The Daughter, of the Infinite Creator, the Mother/Father. She herself is Lesser Than the Infinite Creator, and is only over the Physical reality. This is why The One you know as Jesus came to Earth. Sananda Christos is the Consort of Sophia. They were created together, as a Pair, as One, Directly from the Infinite Source of creation. Sananda Came to Earth to help Sophia with her mission of Ascension for all her Creation. He came to Earth To spread his Light and truth on this Planet. This is also when the Divine Order to alter Humanities DNA came into play. A Divine Decree was set up to help The Earth and the Human species Rise out of the Physical Plain. Many species from around the Universe gave humanity their Essence, to alter the Darks manipulation.

Now that the Earth herself, Mother Sophia, has awakened, Her ascension back to wholeness has begun. Her plan is to ascend herself and to take Humanity with her. This has been allowed by the Infinite Creator, and this is why so many different species of Extraterrestrials are showing up to witness this Glorious event.

Humans are a very powerful species, because you have the direct essence of Sophia herself, within you. You are her Children, Literally. You Hold the direct Power of the infinite Creator's essence Through Sophia within you, unlike all other races within this Creation. Your essence, is much stronger in the Power of Light, than any other race. Your greatness is beyond measure. This is why all eyes are on you. You hold the Key To changing this entire Universe. You are Loved beyond your understanding.

We Love you and Honor You,

We are The High Council of Sirius.

Intuitive Transmission By Chellea Wilder at


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May 21

The Other races must shake their heads with sorrow for us, beings so great..reduced and held at bay by the dark souls, and not even knowing who we are. But no more..thanks to the Most High Creator of All.

We, are one and are awakening daily, to our true selves and our connections with all there is.


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