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Welcome to Universal Lighthouse Library

All books here are free to all readers. These Books do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Lighthouse. We offer this content, as our Service. This Collection is of Ancient and Esoteric writings.
New Titles will be added as we receive Them.
Some are links and some are downloadable pdf. INJOY!!!

Ancient & Older Writings 

Please use your Own Personal Discernment on all Content. Some of These Books Involves Mysticism, Hermeticism, and many more Secret or Hidden Teachings. These writings are not to be Taken Lightly. They are also not to be feared, but understood as forms of Knowledge and Wisdom into the Unknown.

Please Be Responsible when learning these Truths.
These books are offered for Research & Study Purposes.

Esoteric Collection

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II  ~H. P. Blavatsky

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