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THIS IS THEIR END. It’s Going to Be a Time of Revelations ~ The Telosians

This is their end. It’s going to be a time of revelations.

Peace be in your hearts, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We are your Galactic Brothers and Sisters who wish to bring you well-being, comfort and Joy at this time you are experiencing on the soil of this planet.

We speak to you of well-being and Joy, even if they have not yet fully settled in your hearts. Indeed, we can see that your energies are more or less disturbed, depending on your attraction to the events happening around you. As you know, it’s important to bring to yourself, to your heart, all the gentleness that’s within you. This gentleness is important to enable you to get through the current events in the greatest serenity.

Of course, you’re still going to think and say: “How can I be gentle and comfortable in these troubled times in the life of the Earth and its humanity?”

We’ll tell you this: Before long, you’ll be experiencing some difficulties in your countries and societies. You’re going to realize that what we’ve been telling you in numerous messages is going to come true, i.e. that those who want to control your lives are going to step up their attempts to degrade your beings.

That’s why we’re telling you: don’t be afraid, don’t let yourselves be influenced by these attempts to stoke your fears.

Why do we tell you not to be afraid? Because, quite simply, this is their end. Yes, we’re saying that it’s the end of all those who have mistreated you for millennia and considered you as their things, their servants. Indeed, what we call the world government, the government of the shadows, is seriously beginning to see its edifices crumble like a house of cards. They are in fear of losing their lives, which exist only through the power of fear, which they manifest to you through many different movements.

That’s why we’re telling you not to be afraid anymore, because your strength of Love, within you, in your heart, is stronger than their current little power. You can already see that some royal beings are in sickness. These beings have a faded but very real power because of their material wealth, but not only that. Illness suddenly takes hold of them, and it will also affect other human beings imbued with power over you.

And that’s not all: some of them will attempt suicide because they can’t accept losing everything that gives meaning to their lives. These events, which will affect them, will take place in a very short space of time and will be a liberation for you, which you will welcome with relief. When we say “relief”, we mean that it will bring you an understanding of all the lies that have been passed down to you since time immemorial. This is going to be a time of revelations.

As these low-powered humans see their lives unravel, another form of life will settle on your planet. This will happen gradually, and that’s why we ask you to look to your future, to the times ahead, with confidence and Joy, because you’ll know that the great wish within you to live the New Earth will come true.

Right now, there’s a great friction between the old energies of the third dimension and the new energies that are coming your way, even if there are still some very turbulent moments. These turbulent moments are the last outbursts of those who don’t want to lose their little power over your lives. But you’ll soon realize that those to whom you gave your power will disappear one way or another.

Some of today’s wars will come to an end, because they’re only due to those humans with little power who created them to frighten you. The sooner these beings lose their little power, the less duality there will be on Earth.

However, it’s important that every human being, whatever their country or continent, works to understand who they are. The more you do this, the more you will meet your Divine Being within, the sooner the Earth and humanity will find gentleness, well-being and Joy.

We wish you a joyful heart, filled with Divine Confidence. We accompany you with great Love.

The Telosians.

Channeled by Marie Josée Andichou

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The Telosians are a subterranean humanoid species that reside within the Earth in a city called Telos beneath Mount Shasta in California. The Telosians are tall, slender, and fair-skinned, with a solid connection to nature and advanced technology, The Telosians are at a 4th and 5th dimensional.


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