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An Important Event, Has Begun!~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

With all of the Cosmic Energies engulfing the Earth, every dark act is being disclosed. In your personal lives, as well, as on the World stage. This is when the curtain is lifted on the dark deeds of those on your planet that wish to control. The dark races that you know as the Reptilians and tall Grey's, that had dens underground, have been purged from their hiding places, and have been forced to leave or be removed. However, their Clones and hybrid counterparts are still frantically trying to keep their control. In doing so, they have a new army of disinformation agents, trying to deceive the masses into fear. Fear of the Positive extraterrestrials, they are even trying to push the belief of false claims of spiritual deception.

Humanities Ascension into the 5th Degree spectrum of Consciousness, is an important event for this entire Universe. so many of your Star families are here to assist if wanted, or needed. We only offer our assistance, if it is asked for, and then only through the Divine's Order. This is what is happening now on your Planet, The Divines Plan being implemented. Many understand that all is in Divine will, we The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, have been given the force, to make sure that happens.

There are those you would understand as False Prophets, trying to deceive humanity. They are pushing the Message of Fear. They push Fear of all things good and Positive, Fear of Oneness, Love and Peace.

Fear of letting go of false Teachings, That the Reptilian and Grey have manipulated for centuries. We remind all of you to have your own PERSONAL discernment of everything you Hear or Read. If it is a message that is pushing fear, rather than loving intention, and never give a positive solution, then it is not of the Light.

These beings are trying to hold you in Fear of all that is coming, including your 5D Earth. They wish you to be in Fear of Your Star Families, and letting go of old Beliefs, that were manipulated to control Humanity. They are even pushing that channeled messages are evil.

We ask that you Stop Here, and hold discernment. Who is causing fear and who is not. We bring Love, Peace and Oneness to the Table, they bring Fear.

We also wish to remind our Star children and wanderers. WE LOVE YOU. WE HONOR YOU. And WE are here to be of total service to Humanity and this Earth through The Divine Will of the Infinite Creator.

You choose to either be in Fear or to be in Love in each moment and with each message you choose to give your focus on. The Messages of the Forces of Light, are always showing the positive narrow path to the Light. This path is lit by many of our Workers of the Light, showing the way home. At The Same moment, there are workers of the Dark who deceive by using fear of the Unknown. Trying to push their rulers' agenda of Control, and false teachings.

Every moment that you focus on the old programming, slows your ascension process. Many have a false impression of The ascension. There are those who are still lost in false teachings, who have the impression that they must be saved from their own evils. So therefore, they have the vibration of unworthiness and fear that they will not, meet the standard of their Savior. These are the False Teachings of Fear, that has been manipulated by The Dark to control you from questioning the false matrix reality.

However, There are Some who believe that Vibration is the Key to The Ascension, and it is a big event that jumps you from one spectrum to the next. In some ways this is true, but they forget to mention that it is all about Love and your oneness with one another. Learning your Connectedness with the Infinite Creator. And, The Ascension never stops. It started when you became a soul, and it will last until you return to the Light of the Infinite. Every Moment, you grow Closer and Higher in Love. Your Love expands moment by moment, day by day and lifetime to lifetime. We as your Star families are here to show you by example of what you can become, if you continue to focus on the path of Light. We, soon, will walk amongst you, showing you, giving to you, and Loving you.

But first you must not fear us, or what is unknown. Fear is the lowest vibration you can hold. This vibration will cause you Pain in our Presence. We will not cause you harm. So, if there is a possible chance that you could react in Fear, we will not show ourselves. We speak to you subtly, peacefully and lovingly. We send signs and synchronicities, so you know we are with you.

Many of Humanity will be curious, because our presence here is peaceful, Loving, Giving, and non-aggressive. Some will hold fear because of Old beliefs of a Reptilian agenda, pushed by their Clones and Hybrids. But All will begin to know the Truth. Know it by our examples of Love toward this Earth and Humanity. And Know it by the Oneness you are beginning to feel when we share with you our Love through our Messages.

We are here to share A higher Degree of Love, of Truth, and of Joy. Our Star Children, The Starseeds, who have come to your Planet, are also here to grow and evolve Spiritually, Many come here as being 5th degree, working toward 6th degree learning.

Earth has been a playground for the dark ones, and a school for those wishing to move at a much quicker pace toward the Light. However, The Darkness over stepped it's bounds when they chose to enslave other beings Souls, stopping their natural ascension back to the Light.

The Divine Infinite Pair, The Infinite Creator, has intervened in their deception, allowing for the Forces of Light to step up and direct the Higher frequencies of the 5th and 6th degree to be directed toward the earth, helping to raise her out of the Darkness. and in doing so, help boost humanity into the higher consciousness, giving them the POWER to overcome their captors. Humans must make the Choice for themselves, what path to take. Fear or Love.

You are experiencing the beginning of a very important moment in your Timespace, that will rise you higher in Love.

All of Creation is in Celebration. We await all of you in Joyous reunion. You are the Masters Returning Home. We love you and Honor you. In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator. We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

Channeled By Chellea, At


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