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Who Are The CHOSEN ONES? ~ The Sirian High Council

Greetings, We are the Sirian High Council,

We are very pleased to be of Service to you, and we are reaching out to you our Galactic Family, to help raise you in the Glorious Light and Love, of our One Source, the Infinite Creator. The Earth and the Human race is experiencing a time that will go down in our Galactic History as a first. It is a moment that all the races of the Universe are anticipating. This Moment is a very special time in our timespace, This Moment marks an event that has never taken place before within the Entire Universe. Throughout this Universe Freewill is a Gift. Some Beings have chosen to use this Gift of the Light, against others. Therefore, being a Cause and Effect Universe, This caused the Divine to take Action. This action of intervention, is a BIG Change, from the way things normally would have occurred in the past. The Earth and Humanity is very precious to all of Us, your Galactic Families, because you literally are our Families. In these Moments, there are many Star Systems who have sent Starseeds to Earth. You are our Brothers and sisters, you have been our Mothers and Fathers, and our Children. You have lived and walked beside us in many lives. You are the Masters who chose to be of total service to the Light, and to incarnate on Earth in these moments to change everything. Furthermore, you came here to help Lift The Earth and Humanity out of the Darkness.

Your Solar Systems Normal Cycle around the Pleiades system, takes the Earth through the Photon Belt, which is the Direct Rays of the Alcyone Star of the Pleiades. This normal Trajectory of the earth and Humanity would have only allowed for them to be raised into 4th dimension. This would Not have allowed the Humans to fully ascend, and would have kept them entrapped within the lower dimensions, as anticipated by the dark forces. However, The Infinite Source, called for a Divine Intervention, that will totally lift the Earth and humanity out of the 4th and into the 5th spectrum of reality. Allowing the Earth and humans to be lifted out from under the darks control that they had within the 3rd dimensional material reality.

The Dark can still cope within the 4th dimension and would have continued their Agenda of enslavement.

This is where you, the Chosen ones, came into the Game. You the Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Wanderers, are There on Earth to make the difference. You are the Beacons that must ground the 5th dimensional frequencies, You must embody the 5th dimensional consciousness, anchoring it into your reality.

Many of you were chosen specifically for your special gifts, and wisdom, just for this Moment. You are now in the remembrance of these gifts and wisdom, And they can now be integrated into this lifetime. The Chosen ones, are all the Starseeds, Wanderers, and Angelic Souls, That are aligned with the Light. To be one of the Chosen meant that your Soul would have needed to be of at least, at the 5th dimension, or higher. You are an ascended Master already, being that you have done this before, meaning that you have ascended, into the higher dimensions already, and you are Now remembering that wisdom.

You are The Ground Team, Working along with the Light forces. You were chosen because you are the Masters, being an adept at Energy work, and in the Anchoring of Source Creators, infinite Light. You will be the teachers and the guides for Humanity, as they rise in the Light, You are the Lightworkers and way show-ers, leading those who seek Truth. Those still lost will be looking for you. Looking for the Light, Looking for Love, and Looking for truth. Remember to shine your Light brilliantly, so all can see. We honor your Bravery and service, We witness, your Mastery.

To all The many Starseeds, Wanderers, and Angelic souls, You are the Chosen Ones.

We Love you, and celebrate your Return to Oneness.

We are the Sirian High Council

Intuitive Transmission By Chellea Wilder at


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We are a Beacon of Light, In Total Service.

Thank you... in so Much Love and Light..

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2 commenti

Thank you so very much Chellea for the great channellings and uplifting information you share with us all.. I love it and very much appreciate it. .I have developed the habit of starting my day listening and reading any the messages I receive from Universal Light House and it really brighten my day.

Thank you all very much. Bless you.. love and light, Lucy Chadwick

Mi piace
Risposta a

Thank you so very much for your beautiful and Kind words, and Thank you for your Love and Brilliant Light. We are honored that you have added us to your Mornings, you have just brightened Our Day, Month and year. Much Love.

Mi piace

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