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We Bring Great News... THEIR TIME IS UP!! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and Love of our Infinite Creator,

We bring great news to you in these moments of your timespace. The acceleration of your ascension has become a universal topic, getting the attention of many more Galactic Beings, who have now Gathered for the Big Event.

But that's not all that they are here to witness. Many if not most of your Galactic Families, have had encounters with the Dark Forces, upon their own planets. Furthermore, this is the End of all the deception and harm from these beings.

This is a great moment, for the Forces of Light and for all the civilizations who have dealt with the Dark Forces. Time has run out for those who have deceived and caused harm throughout the cosmos. The Intensity of the Light the Earth is Now receiving has guaranteed The Dark's demise.  

Their Time is up. They are pulling at their Last straws, as Humans might say. Their attempts at their Dark Magick, will be for nothing. Their Dark energy work can not compare to the work and Force of the Light. All that they attempt to do will be halted by the Force of Light. Your Solar Eclipse that is approaching in your Timespace of April 8th, was going to be a very big Day for their dark work practices. This day was to be the day they open all portals to the Dark Realms, allowing for the Ones you understand to be the Demons to emerge from the void, and into your Physical reality. However, The Light forces who have gathered around the Earth and those upon the Earth, are working very hard in the Earths and Humanity's behalf, to stop this interference.

Nothing will stop yours and the Earths ascension and Nothing that the Dark Ones do can interfere, with the Divines Order.

Those of the Dark forces within the Void, have anticipated these moments, for their emergence into your reality. The opening of the Dark Portals, has been something that they have been planning for a very long time in your Timespace, even planting the seeds for this event within your book the Bible. Within the writings of Revelation, It speaks of the PIt or Void being opened, releasing The Dark's Wrath upon the Planet Earth. They have planted the seeds to create this event for many centuries. Nevertheless, as stated before, All of their Dark work will be to no avail.

Everything within this Universe is energy, Allowing for the Law that you know as the Law of Attraction, which is the directing of Energies to Create certain Situations, events, or outcomes. This Law is how you can create your own reality.

The dark ones have learned to use the Universal Law of attraction to create their desired outcomes for Earth. They have discovered that they can push their dark agendas and create a collective reality for humanity, by using their emotions and reactions. This is what you understand as the control Matrix. By putting their intentions in writing and symbolism and doing their rituals, and by effecting your emotions as a collective, They create their agenda within your reality. Nevertheless, They literally must work against the Light of this Universe to create their dark agenda.

The Power of the Force of Light, works along with loving intention. Meaning, your personal intentions of shining Light on these Dark events, Nulls and Dissolves everything that the Dark ones try and implement into your reality. This is why it was so important for them to keep this information from Humanity. Because if Humanity would learn that they have the Power through Love, to stop the Dark ones, Humanity would have never been enslaved. This is the Big Deception that the Dark ones push.

The Universal Life force energies, which is the Light, are aligned with positive intent. Meaning, when you choose to take action through Love, and through the betterment for the all, your intentions will manifest at a much quicker pace. You are literally in that moment, working within the vibrations of the Universal Life force energies.

When one chooses to manifest in a selfish manner, the universal Light, will only reflect your intention of selfishness. What this means, is you will eventually create nothing but loneliness and darkness in your life, because you only reflect for the self. This is considered the Path of Darkness, because it is Lack of Love for Others. When you choose to manifest something Through Love, for the Betterment of all involved or in total service, your desire becomes manifested almost instantly.

For the Dark ones to create their agenda, they must work very hard, and non-stop to maintain the Control Matrix, and in the keeping of the vibrations of Fear, within the Collective of Humanity. They are literally working against the force of Light. So when the Forces of Light focus our intent on stopping or dissolving their Magic. It is done. It is done instantly. Within each moment that you project your Light, you dissolve years of the dark's work. It just takes your awareness and Intention, and the desire to bring in the Light. Many of your Star Families are here in these moments to direct amp and balance these beautiful energies engulfing your planet. But for this Light to be anchored within your Reality, You, the Ground team, must receive these energies. You are the beacons.

You are so very Powerful when working with the Light. The vibrations of Oneness, allows for Instant manifestation. All it takes is the true intentions of Love.

The Universal Life force Energies are conscious and very aware of your true intentions. When you partner with the Light, the power coming through you is unmeasurable. You are literally a conduit, channeling the Divine Light of the Infinite Creator. You then become the Beacon shining the Light to where it needs to be.

This is why we tell you, that you are the ones changing everything. Because it is you. Your Brilliant Love for this Earth and your fellow Humans, has changed everything. Your desire to be of service has changed everything, and your anticipation of your ascension into the Higher Light has changed everything.

Because of your awakening out of the darkness, you are bringing in the New Earth of Light. You are creating a reality based in Love, for the betterment of Humanity and this Earth.

You are the Masters, remembering your Truth, and returning to Oneness.

We Witness you, We Celebrate You, and We Honor you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to Serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, At


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Apr 04

Yessssss!!. "I am the open door , which no one can close" Loving life free, until all of our brothers and sisters return to the Light!

Quotes from our Beloved, Patricia Cota Robles.

Replying to

Beautiful, Thank you.


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