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The FINAL WAVE Has Begun, and it's Moving Very Fast ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and Love of our Infinite Creator,

We are very excited to be communing with you today, as we have wonderful insights to share. The Awakening of Humanity has been sped Up and many are now opening their eyes to their true connection with one Another within your Human Collective. These are Massive Steps toward your Ascension into the new 5th Degree Way of Being. More and More are beginning to awaken to the harm that is being done, through the wars, by the puppets of the Cabal. Many are standing up and demanding the violence stop. More are also awakening to the long hidden control structure and agendas of the Dark, that has infiltrated every aspect of your Human lives.

With this Push by The Newly awakened, it has amped the vibrations at a very intense rate. Pushing more to wake up in these precious moments. They are beginning to witness the Big Deception. They are beginning to pinpoint who is behind the dark work. And Now, they are exposing them. This is all being done by those who are newly awakened, They are The Warriors of Light, They are The Last Wave.

This Push to Protect and Standing up for one another, is all causing a domino type of effect, that will begin to pick up even more speed. Which will turn into an avalanche of disclosure and a Tsunami of Awakened Souls.

The Ones who are just now awakening, will be the Ones to break the matrix. They will be the ones to make it crumble. Everything is Happening by the Divines timing and will be a transition into a Higher Way of Being, which means you as a Race will become a Galactic Society. This will bring full contact with your Star Families. Full contact can only happen after all the Dark Cabal are removed from Power. The Dark Ones turn their Weapons on you and the Earth, when they know of our presence, so We must keep Humanity and the Earth Safe from harm.

Those who are awakening in these Moments are The ones who will make the difference. They are the Young Adults, and The ones who were deep in the darks control. These beings are the Ones who will have the means to transform the Earth. This is the Final wave of the awakening, and will be the Biggest wave. This wave will awaken all who are intended to be awakened, for the ascension. It is unknown how Long in your perspective that this will take, it is up to each individual That is to be awakened. Please have patience with these beings as they transform your Societal Structures. The more that they stand up, the More the Dark ones will try and fight them. They have a lot of work ahead of them to make this transformation. But they will have the means to do so. Everything is about to change for the Earth and Humanity. At First The changes and Focus will be about the Disclosure, and the fall of the Dark Cabal. Then it will be about the rebuilding of a Society that benefits the All of Humanity and the Earth. This will help with the Transformation into a fifth degree Planet.

There has been 2 previous Major Waves of Humanities awakening, The First one beginning as far back as the 1960's in your timespace. The Second one beginning in 2012, and has continued until these moments. And Now The Final Wave Has begun, and This Wave, is moving very fast. Much faster than either of the previous. The velocity of this wave is intense.

The Divine's will, will, be Done, and is being implemented into your reality. You as the Lightworkers, Angelic's, Starseeds and Wanderers, are There to shine your Light, to help with leading these newly awakened, into the Light and in Love. You are the Beacons of Truth to help them find their way. Shine brilliantly. Trust in your Divine purpose. You are The ones who anchor the precious Light of the Infinite to your Mother Earth. Raise Others in the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator. Lift those standing for peace, in your Love. Lift those who are newly awakened in Truth. You are the Masters. You were chosen to come to Earth, to Be the beacons of truth, and of Oneness, to express and shine the Infinite Creator's Light within you.

We Witness you, We Celebrate You, and We Honor you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to Serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, At


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