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We Are Now In The Moments of the "Apocalypse" of Truth

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

As December 21st and The Great Conjunction in Aquarius approaches the energies are becoming much more intense. We can feel the transformative energies already affecting us physically and spiritually as we ride the waves. This whole Month will prove to be extreme.

If you follow Universal Lighthouse you are aware that we do not Follow any Political Party or Back any organization or Religions that separate, or categorize themselves as something separate from True Unity.

However, The Light is shining on all things and will reveal the darkest deeds. The Light will expose ALL darkness no matter who is doing it. At the moment we are seeing a lot of exposure to the darkness that runs through our government and voting systems here in the United States. The Darkness runs deep on both sides of the Isle. It's up to the American People whether they will believe the truth when it is shown to them or Not. Many do not want to believe the Truth, because it goes against what they wish to happen here in America, but that doesn't mean that the evidence of wrongdoing isn't there. If you choose to believe the lies or continue to pretend that the evidence is not real then you will spin along with the dark's agenda.

It is Important to See what is being shown to us, even if you do not follow a political party or government Issues. The darkness must be Transformed in all cases. We are now in the Moments of the "Apocalypse" of Truth. The literal meaning of the Word "Apocalypse" being "an uncovering". To Transform this Energy we must be in control of what we Believe. If you are Not seeing Wrongdoings, then you are Blinded already by the dark narrative. By stepping away from your False Beliefs and Ego Mindedness, you allow truth to be seen through the Real evidence being shown to you.

For those who wish things to return to the old way, this will never happen. Everything is shifting and All is in Divine order. The Dark can no longer control the narrative of what to believe. More people are now stepping away from Mainstream Media, and are seeking out other forms of Information.

One major thing that everyone needs to remember is that no matter what the outcome of the world events is, it will not stop the Divine Plan from taking place. It is important to not let the emotions of Fear, Hate, Greed, Anger, or any other lower vibration to affect you in these times. Anytime you recognize yourself in these vibrations, Stop what you are doing and focus on your Breath or listen to your Heartbeat, and come back to your center to Heal the emotion.

The BIG SHOW taking place is to distract you from your true purpose and to take your focus off of what really matters.


This Is A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY Not a Physical One.

The only thing that really matters is where you are spiritually in this Shift. No one can Save you or rescue you from your own choices. When you make the choice to do against others for self-gain you are heading down the Path of Darkness. Our Choices we make in every moment, Changes the direction we are going on this spiritual journey. In this time we are in, we ALL have to make the choice Between Light or Darkness. Light meaning All Truth being Seen (Knowledge and Freedom) or Darkness where all things stay hidden (Ignorance and Under Full Control). What do you wish to Experience?

The Choices we Make will determine the Experience we have during this Shift.

Most people even the ones who see the truth can be tossed into a spiral if the World Narrative that's playing out does not go the way they had hoped. Understand that even if the Dark has control of the world stage, it does not mean anything on your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment. It Is Just a Show to distract you from your Truth. Remember to Stay in your Heart Space this is where true Peace takes place.

In Love and Light,

Universal Lighthouse


Welcome to Universal Lighthouse.

Shining Light On the Path to Universal Enlightenment

You will enjoy: Research and study from Universal Lighthouse including But not limited to, Ancient Text, paranormal and supernatural exploration, Metaphysical Theology, and Spiritual Awareness. You will also enjoy: Adventuring into the Unknown, Full Disclosure, UFO/UAP Phenomenon, Forbidden Archeology, New & Ancient Technology, Quantum Exploration, New Discoveries, Our Creative Nature, The Brilliance of The Universe and Much More.

Universal Lighthouse offers our own Writings Plus, other information that is found throughout the Internet, We do try and find the original source for this information. However, the opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily the beliefs of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all the information given. We offer this information free for Research and Study Purposes. Not all information may be a current event but is to be used as a Library of information. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through knowledge, truth, and love. We are Shining Light On the Path to Universal Enlightenment

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