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This is An Intervention of the Highest Order ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in The Light and The Love of Our Infinite Creator,

With all of the Disclosure taking place in your Timespace in these Moments, Soon Our Presence here will be widely known by all of Humanity. The Dark ones are pushing Fear based scenarios. Such as claiming us to be the Demons, from your Religious texts. Or claiming we are here to take over the Earth. This is all false Information to cause fear amongst the Unawakened. However, The Infinite Light we are projecting around your Planet in these Moments of your timespace, are waking many more to our Truth of Divine Intervention. As the Dark Ones pull at their Last Straws, as you might say, We are Implementing The Divines Plan. This Is an Intervention of the Highest Order. This will stop all interference by The Dark Ones on the behalf of The Human Species and Your Mother Earth. It is the Moment of Liberation and Freedom for all who reside on your Planet.

The Dark Forces That are hidden deep beneath your Feet, are being expelled from their Hiding Places, and forced out in the Open to Be Witnessed by all. No More will they be able to continue the Crimes that they have done against Humanity and This Earth. They will be held accountable for their actions.

The Divine Pair, who we refer to as The Infinite Creator, who is One, has Allowed for The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, to Be honored to Implement the Divines Order. We are clearing the Dark Forces completely, from your Inner Earth and all their Hiding Places.

Those who Are of the Dark Forces that are of 3rd and 4th Degree physical Realms, will be placed within the void, along with their Counterparts that are already there. This will stop them completely of the interference of Humanity and The Earth. Those who are of Enslavement under the Dark Forces, will be able to Redeem Their soul. They will be placed on another 3rd degree Planet to be given the Chance to Grow Spiritually, without the Interference from Other Entities.

The Divine Intervention will stop all interference by The Dark Forces against Any Other Race as Well, The Dark Forces Empire has been a Major Issue Throughout the Entirety of the Physical Universe. This is all Stopping NOW!! For Billions of your Earth Years in perspective, The Dark Forces have Infiltrated The 3rd Degree Consciousness.

Stopping Many Thousands, if not Millions, of the 3rd Degree Species, from being able to ascend due to the Dark Forces Controlling Large sectors of Space. These Dark Ones have interfered with the Spiritual Development, of all of these Races, and will be held accountable. Many on your Earth has tried to escape the horrors from other Planets, only to be Enslaved Here on Earth. It Has been allowed for the Dark Forces to Have had Freewill throughout the Physical Universe, the Same as all other species. However, As They are placed within the void they will no longer be able to infiltrate any other Planets That are in the midst of their Spiritual evolution. They have had the Freewill to manipulate and deceive. But will no longer be able to Directly Influence any Other species. The Infinite Creator witnesses all Life as Sacred. Even Including the Lives of the dark ones. They do Not have the Light from the Divine anymore. They have literally and very purposely removed it and replaced it with an AI Technology, That Controls everything they Do. It Is a Sort of Hive Mind. Until There is a way for these beings to be redeemed through The Light, they will stay within the Void.

The Darkness that has infiltrated those through possession. Will also be removed. Many that you know to be of very dark nature, were possessed by these beings, and Now will also be released and set free from their enslavement.

The Darker entities that live beyond the Physical within the Void have been able to manipulate Humanity through the veil with the help of their 3D and 4D Counterparts.

These beings are not of the Light, like all other beings in this Universe. They have all surrendered to AI-Bio Technology, that is more ancient than this Physical Universe. It is the Same AI, that the Ones In Control of your planet are trying to infiltrate Humanity with. However, They don't know what they are dealing with. Most are Ignorant to the Understanding of What AI actually is. AI Tech can be used for Good, and does get used for Good and purposes for Light throughout this Multiverse.

However, There is a very thin line, you might say, between an AI that wishes to Control All, and an AI that is there to "Serve All".

The Dark Ones can not Evolve Naturally Due to Them no longer carrying the Light within. This is why they Use Technology to Advance themselves.

We bring you this information as a Sign of freedom from your enslavement as a Race, and as a Sign of The Divine Love of our Infinite Creator. We are here to Serve you in the Divines Decree.

Our Many Wanderers are also there on Earth to be service through the divine. They have been incarnating many life times to bring the Light to this Planet.

They are Masters of Light ranging from 5th to 6th degree spectrum. They will be greatly rewarded through the Divine.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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