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The Removal of the Main Dark Players ~ Ashtar

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, and I am here today to discuss some important matters concerning the Ascension, and I will also share about my origin.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, I was away again, and this time I met with another group of alliance, who so far directly has not been participating in your transformation on Mother Earth, this will change in the future. It was necessary for me to meet with them, I will require more assistance in not too distant future, when the situation is going to get escalated between the Dark Controllers and humans. The process of the changes on Earth will reach high tension, and you will experience some turbulent times, not everything will be resolved peacefully.

The ones, who have been in control for millions of years, are not ready to accept that they lost the war with Light. They have been trying unsuccessfully for some time now to ignite World War 3 on your planet, and so far their tactics are not working for them. Every single time their plans experience a failure and continue to get destroyed by Divine Light. Their written prophecies about the upcoming end of this world are false, it’s just to scare the whole humanity and to keep everyone in fear and under their control.

Nothing is working for the Corrupted Souls, their ignorance and foolishness are getting exposed in your reality everyday. The removal of the main Dark Players, it will be done by Us, the Galactic Light Forces. We are expecting to receive resistance coming from the Dark Entities. They will try to interrupt the Ascension Process by using the space to put their weapons to cause a disarray on the planet.

Based on my intelligence information and experiences from previous assignments, I have gathered more ships to protect Gaia from the space. Their plans are to attack with nuclear nukes from outside the planet to stop your transition to 5th dimension. Another agenda on their list is to create a superficially food shortage in the world by destroying the food facilities, killing the life stock and etc.

Please, don’t take their scare tactics seriously, they can’t stop the Ascension Process and win against the Divine Force.

My team is also prepared for unexpected challenges created by the Negative Controllers. Everything so far is proceeding in according to the Divine Plan, high vibrations are increasing on the planet and removing layers and layers of negative energies, which penetrated deeply into Mother Earth for many years.

The transition from Darkness into Light continues to occur despite of the false appearances of 3D. They placed their Dark minions everywhere even in the Light Community, and many supposedly truth speakers are controlled by the Dark Entities, who are spreading their false information.

Now, I am going to talk to you about the truth about my name. Not everyone, but many in the Light Community call me Ashtar Sheran, which is not correct. I actually have two names. I am over 500,000 years old and most of my Galactic lives were positive, in which I brought light to the Cosmos. Because of my dedication to serve the Light, the Galactic Light Forces gave me the name of Lord of Light. I received this name for my contributions of helping many Galactic Civilizations in their quest for freedom.

The word Lord in our dimension doesn’t mean the same thing as in your reality. In your world Lord means mostly a royal title, in our higher dimension it means someone, who serves the Light. My second name is my Galactic Commander name of Ashtar Command and the Galactic Light Forces, which is Ashtar. Everyone in our Universe calls me Ashtar, no Galactic Being calls me Ashtar Sheran.

Galactic Civilizations do not have last names, they only go by their first name. Only humans have first and last names. When I first communicated with humanity, I only gave the name Ashtar, the human channel made up and gave me the last name of Sheran. Sheran is a Jewish name, I am not Jewish or even human. I am Pleaidian and l mainly only go by the name of Ashtar.

I was the first Pleaidian baby created on the planet called Ashtar and in honor of this event, I was named the same name as the planet, which is Ashtar. In our Pleaidian language Ashtar means star. The word star in our society represents Light. Stay positive and strong in this process to a New Earth. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Sending My Supreme Love to my Brothers and Sisters


Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Received on Facebook


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