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It is NEVER-ENDING! ~ The Sirian High Council


 We are the Sirian High Council. We are very pleased to be speaking with you today. As you move into this next Phase of Light, Darkness has nowhere else to go But Leave the Planet, Or Be dissolved by The Light. The Earth and Humanity are being engulfed, with the Cosmic Light, coming in from the Recent Solar Eclipse, Your Astrological Alignments, along with all The Beautiful Rays Being amped, Directed, and shared by your Star Families. 

Energy never stops moving. Once it is activated or projected, it begins a continuous vibration that can only be countered by Other Energies. So, when you send Loving vibration to Your Human Families, Those vibrations do not end when you stop sending them. They will eternally move and expand. Your intentional focus of these Energies in the directing or projecting of them, means that your Love will engulf another as Long as Your Energies are not countered by Others Energies.

Energy moves in waves, And when you have Waves of Love Light, engulfing a Darker Vibration, The Higher Light Vibration will eventually distort, dissolve and Null, the Darker Energy. The Darker Energy will eventually merge with the Light, raising the darker energies to the Higher Vibrations. Just as a Candle softens the darkness, your Light does the Same.

When you walk into a room filled with different Frequencies, Your Light begins to soften all other vibrations within your immediate space.

As Long as you allow your Light to shine with Focus, you are not disturbed by the Lower vibrations. Those in Dark or Lower Emotions, will try and pull you down to the same level as them, because your Light, will be uncomfortable for them. When you walk into a Room with a Smile on your Face and a bounce in your Step, and all others are in anger, hate, or fear, they wonder how you can be so High in Light. They will first try and drop you to their level of Vibration. If that doesn't work, They will either move away from you, so they can continue to Wallow in the Darker Energies, or they will eventually begin to Smile and become Lighter themselves. Remember to Never Let the Lower vibrations pull you down. You do have a choice. You also do not have to move away, from the Darker Energies or Lower vibrations, as Many believe they need to do. Your Light energies are more powerful than any dark energies, and will eventually change the vibration of your Area to a positive, aligned frequency. The Light is very contagious. It just takes the spark of a Loving smile to change the vibration of a situation.

Energies are Universal in Nature, meaning They are polarized in High and Low Vibration. All Energies are vibrations created from something or someone. Light and Vibration are all that exists in our Reality. Light being the Consciousness of Source Creator, and Movement, sounds, or actions, which causes the vibration of that Infinite Light. You can choose where to be at Vibrationally, within this Light Spectrum of existence. The Brighter your Personal spark of Light is, the higher in Frequency it is, and the Higher in the light spectrum you reside. The physical 3D reality That the Earth has just transcended, was at the vibration of a very Low continuous Hum at 7.83 hertz.

At this Moment in your Timespace, the Earth Frequency is between 14 and 20 hertz. Which is double and Beyond what was once her continuous state. Meaning, her Vibration has risen Past the 3rd Dimensional Spectrum of Vibration and has entered the 4th dimensional vibrations. With her Frequency Now at a Higher Vibration, all who reside with her Must either Move away from her or Merge with her Vibrations. This is why many souls are choosing to Leave the Planet in these moments.

Humans emit vibrations out to the Universe, through their thoughts, words and actions. Negative Vibrations are also infinite and Never end unless countered or dissolved by Higher Vibrations. In these precious moments, All Dark Energies around your Planet are being Dissolved and Countered by the Force of Light.

This includes the Vibrations you are personally experiencing, It will become harder to hold on to any Lower Vibrational emotions such as anger or hatred. The Light is penetrating you with the Vibrations of Love, dissolving or removing all desire to entertain the Darker emotions. This is awakening Humanity to their connection with Spirit, at a much faster pace.

Many are waking up to all the deceptions and the darks control, however, the Main Focus of the Awakening, is the remembrance of your Light. So as the newly awakened remember their Light, They must raise out of the Lower vibrations, The first emotions one experiences are usually anger towards the deceivers, and a Push of energy towards freedom. However, That is just the beginning, and is only the first shock of your awakening. At that moment, they are still very focused on the outer world of their existence. This soon leads to spiritual awareness. Once One looks within, they begin to remember, that they are a Spark, of the Great Spirit of Light. You are the Light Vibrating through your own personal Emotions. Emanating outward to the universe. The Vibrations you emit are neverending, and eternal. You choose what to send, and receive back through the reflections of your Thoughts words and action, which continue for an eternity. So Be at Peace, Love, and Joy dear ones. For your Light is Brilliant. Share your Love to all you encounter, and it will be with them for an eternity. 

We Love you, and celebrate your Return to Oneness.

We are the Sirian High Council

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