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WHAT IS REAL ~ The High Council of the Ascended Masters

Greetings to all of you. We open our arms to embrace all your troubles at this time.

We are The High Council of the Ascended Masters, bringing messages of love and prosperity. We invite you to tune into what is real. For a long time, you have perceived time as linear. Now, you are beginning to understand that there is no time beyond the concept of the mind. This realization is key to becoming aware, once again, that you are multidimensional beings. Different time frame realities exist, but all of them can be accessed from this present moment. Now is the time to heal, and the energy of your planet facilitates this best.

Therefore, we guide you, along with many other supportive higher-dimensional beings, to connect with your past self and send love. Connect with your inner child, then with yourself at different stages of your life, and allow your intuition to guide you. You have the power to change that reality by altering its vibration. You are the higher self of your past self. Access that reality frame, shift its vibration, understand, forgive, and observe all that may not have been fully integrated yet. By accepting all parts of yourself, and by doing so, jump to another timeline to experience more peace, love, and joy because you truly deserve it.

Be kind and patient towards yourself and offer this gift to your past self and to you in this very moment by nurturing timelines with love. Maybe back then you did not know it, but now you do! Now, you can change your history by altering its vibration. Do it and witness the magic, because once you do it for yourself, you learn how to have a greater impact on the history of humanity.

You are a multidimensional being and are meant to be aware of all aspects of yourself, across all timelines.

We are here to guide you and to ensure that you integrate and make the best use of all the information that you receive. We care tremendously about you and will always stay with you."

The High Council of the Ascended Masters, channeled by Octavia Vasile received on Facebook 

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