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Command That All Darkness Leave ~ The 7D Pleiadians

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

You Are Gifted Each Moment With The Opportunity To Begin Again. Know In Truth That You May Begin Where You Are Now. You Need Not Arrange Anything To Accomplish Great Things. This Moment Is Complete And Perfect For Your Path Of Excellence.

You Have Been Programmed In Your World To Believe You Are Not Enough. This Information Is Completely False And This Understanding Will Lead You To Sabotage Your Own Endeavors And Plans. You Might Begin A Project And Never Finish It As You Feel It Is Not Worthy To Be Seen By Others. Many Feel Their Creations Are Not Good Enough As They Scrutinize Their Work And Imagine That Others Will Also. Competition Is Endless And The Feeling Of Unworthiness Continues With Many On Their Path.

The Gift That Is Before You Will Allow You To Progress With No Specifically Set Plan. Setting Your Intention Is All That Is Needed To Succeed. Choosing The Path Of Light Will Assure That Your Intention Is Honorable. From This Place Of Knowing, The Path Will Open For Your Best Outcome.

Let Go Of The Feeling That You Must Be Perfect. Allow Yourself And Others To Learn And Grow. Making Mistakes Can Be Viewed As Lessons As You Move Forward To Become The Best Version Of Yourself.

Let Go Of Jealousy And Envy As The Soul Knows No Rivalry. Look In The Mirror And Accept Your Perceived Flaws, Your Age And Your Weight. You Are A Warrior Of Light! Look At How Far You Have Come In This Waking Dream. You Are More Than Enough! You Are Light!

High Vibrational Beings Arrived At A Place Of Expanded Consciousness By Falling And Faltering Many Times Along The Way. Leaving The Path Of Light Is Common For All Souls In Form. The Greater The Fall, The More Magnificent Is The Strength That Is Gained From Overcoming Each Obstacle As You Rise Again.

Breathe Deeply. You Are Everything Good. Remember Who You Are!

Allow Your Subconscious Mind To Serve You! Every Moment That You Move And Live On Earth Is Controlled By The Subconscious Mind. You Have The Ability And Power To Reprogram Your Mind With Your Own Thoughts. You Must Believe Your Thoughts Or Change Them To A Frequency To Serve You. Spirit Is There Waiting For You To Remember Your Light And Choose Wisely.

Choose Peace And It Will Serve You In All Moments. Peace Is An Ever Moving Energy Of Love! You Carry This Love Within And You May Activate This Frequency That Will Amplify And Remain For As Long As You Choose. Peace Is Always A Choice. You Are Peace Within Your Soul. Find This Gift And Never Let It Go! This Is Wisdom That Is Utilized In The Higher Realms Of Being!

Lastly, I Would Ask You To Create A Field Of Light Around Your Being. Never Let This Energy Leave Your Awareness. This Light Will Act As A Shield Of Protection. Your Spiritual Intuition Will Allow You To Know When It Is Penetrated By Darkness. You Have The Power To Repair Your Field. You Have The Spiritual Right To Command That All Darkness Leave. It Will Indeed Leave. You Must Maintain Your Own Energy!

It Is Never Too Late To Begin Again!

I Will Join You In Each Moment Of Love!

Sheen Is Our Focus To Begin The New Earth!

The End Will Be The Beginning!

En Eeke Mai Ea!

I Love You So!


Original Title, Never Too Late. Pleiadians of 7D Taygeta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @FamilyofTaygeta on X


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21. März

My goodness, here's another message I resonate from my need to replay this several times per day. Surrounded by dark energies where I live. The good thing is I am placed perfectly where I am most needed by the Devine..knowing that, gives me courage to face the dark ones, embodied in the neighbors.

I Am my I Am presence,

and my I Am prescsene is at one with every man, woman, and child on this sweet Earth..

Thank you my sister of light, Patricia Cota-Robles ,for that Declaration.

Gefällt mir

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