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You Are in the FINAL DAYS of Duality ~ The Andromenda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and the Love of Our Infinite Creator,

As you move through The 4th degree spectrum, you may be experiencing what you would consider as a Different Perspective than you ever have had before. And you may also be experiencing the Need to find Others of Like Mindedness. Everything within the 4th density is different from what you experienced within the 3rd dimension. The 3rd density, is where duality derives from. It is the absence of Light within the 3rd degree that causes the imbalance of energies. Which allowed the Dark to push their agenda with much more ease.

However, within the 4th dimensional Spectrum, The Light is more abundant and the energies allow for a more Positive Transformation to Take place. It is the energies of Oneness, That you are experiencing. The Darker Energies are no longer the majority, in your reality. Therefore, The Light is changing everything within your awareness. The Light has been amped to push out the Darker Energies. As you move out of the 3D mindset, of duality, and move into the 4th degree Vibrations, you are experiencing a major shift within your conscious awareness. You no longer wish to entertain the duality concepts of the Matrix, such as Politics, or Religion, and Cultural Differences. You are beginning to look for ways to connect with your fellow humans, those who are also awake and share your new awareness. The Matrix of Control has created a prison of Separation. Separation and Fear is what the dark ones have used to control humanity. As long as they have Humans separated by Belief, Fear and hate, The Dark Ones keep their Control.

Nevertheless, as More Humans awaken, They no longer feel the Need, to entertain or follow The Darks Agenda. This is destroying their Control structure, If they do not have your energies backing them, they do not have control. The dark Ones need you. They need you, to continue with their Plans of Enslavement.

By removing yourself from their matrix and by no longer giving your energies to Their control structure, You have freed yourself from their Control. You have freed yourself from the illusion. However, in these moments, many are still very hypnotized by the Darks Spell.

The Dark ones use Black Magic Spells and rituals to push their agenda of deception and control. These energy rituals, coincide with Astrological events, Numerical Days, Times, and Symbolism, and large Public events or Holidays, that they manipulate. These things within themselves are not negative in any way, and can be use in positive ways, to push for positive Outcomes. However, that kind of wisdom and knowledge has been kept from Humanity. Making this a One sided Game.

The Dark ones have used the power of the Universal Law of attraction against the Earth and Humanity, Never disclosing the Truth of this Universal Law. So they use this knowledge and create as much negative energies as they Can, to alter and manipulate your Reality. In these moments, they are preparing again for one of their dark rituals, happening between your Next 2 eclipses. Your Calendar dates for these Eclipses are March 24th to 25th and April 8th.

We and your many Star Families are amping up the Cosmic Energies in these Moments to Help Null or dissolve this Dark Ritual.

We wish to help with the Nulling, and stopping of any Harm, that the dark Ones may be trying to implement into your Reality. However, we wish to call upon the Many Lightworkers, who are in service to the Divine. You are the beacons to which The Light is given. This is your Moment to shine. to stand in the Pure Infinite Glory of the One Infinite Creator. It is your Time, to Be The Light you came to Earth to be. You are the Magnificent children of the Divine. Shine your Brilliance.

 As you shine and send the Energies to Null and stop the Dark Forces, you will be receiving massive rays from your Star Families to help with the manifestation of your intention. You may even experience Visually seeing your Star Families, either in the Skies, through third eye vision, or even physically. You may be even taken on their ships, to help boost your frequencies, for your work ahead. Ask to remember your encounters with your Families, and you shall remember. These are very important moments within your Timespace.

You are in the Final Days of Duality.

Soon you will be free from all the darks manipulation, and Control, But you must want it. You must make the Effort to free yourself. You must step away from all that is of the 3rd Degree Illusion.

You no Longer Live within the 3rd degree, you are a 4th degree being now. And soon to be rising to the 5th degree, where you will be united in Oneness with all the Beings of Higher Light. All your Many Star Families await you in Glorious reunion.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine. Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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The Telosians are a subterranean humanoid species that reside within the Earth in a city called Telos beneath Mount Shasta in California. The Telosians are tall, slender, and fair-skinned, with a solid connection to nature and advanced technology, The Telosians are at a 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness. They are also ascending with Mother Earth. and will soon raise to 6th dimensional Consciousness and density.






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