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This “Sacred Knowledge” Reveals How To Control Your Reality

In the quest to understand the mysteries of life, harness the forces of the universe, and take control of our own destinies, humanity has journeyed Through this exploration, we have uncovered the Hermetic Principles, a body of knowledge that dates back to antiquity but has been kept in relative obscurity. These seven eternal truths provide us with a profound understanding of life and the power we have to create our own realities. e art of shaping our own realities. Join me on this exploration as we delve deep into the heart of these principles and uncover their transformative potential.

The Hermetic Principles: Ancient Insights into Modern Living

The Hermetic Principles, rooted in the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, have been whispered among sages and mystics for centuries. These principles serve as a timeless guide to understanding the universe, one’s place within it, and the power we hold to shape our own realities. Let’s dive into each of these principles and explore how they can be applied to our lives today.

Mentalism: All is Mind

At the heart of Hermetic wisdom lies the principle of Mentalism: “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.” This concept suggests that everything we perceive, from the grand galaxies above to the tiniest particles below, is a mental creation within the infinite mind of the universe. This implies that our physical reality is a manifestation of a mental reality. By harnessing the power of our own minds, we can exert influence over our reality.

“Your reality, your life, your experiences are all shaped by the thoughts you harbor, the beliefs you hold. You have the power to choose your thoughts and, in doing so, you have the power to mold your world.” – Hermes Trismegistus – Hermes Trismegistus –

This foundational principle underpins numerous esoteric practices, from magic to manifestation techniques. It underscores the profound interconnectedness of all things at a mental level, aligning with the ideas of Oneness and unity found in various spiritual and philosophical traditions.

Correspondence: As Above, So Below

The principle of Correspondence, encapsulated in the phrase “As Above, So Below,” teaches us that what happens inside us is mirrored in our external world. It emphasizes the intimate connection between our inner feelings and thoughts and the external reality we experience. These three layers – the spirit, the mental, and the physical – serve as interconnected mirrors, reflecting one another.

Imagine this: positive thinking initiates a shift within your mental layer, uplifting your spirit. As you maintain this positive mindset, your physical world begins to respond. You notice new opportunities and an increase in energy and motivation to tackle challenges. This principle reminds us that by adjusting our mindset, we can initiate tangible changes in our lives.

Vibration: The Cosmic Symphony

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” The principle of Vibration unveils the perpetual motion of the universe. It signifies that everything, from physical objects to emotions and thoughts, is characterized by varying levels of vibration. These vibrations carry their unique energies, shaping our experiences and influencing the world around us.

Suppose you desire to attract more abundance into your life. To achieve this, you must align your own energy, your “vibration,” with that of abundance. It’s akin to tuning in to a specific radio frequency; to receive love, you must vibrate at the frequency of love. This principle empowers us to consciously shape our reality by harmonizing with the vibrations we wish to attract.

Polarity: The Dance of Duality

In life, there is duality. The principle of Polarity reminds us that everything has two ends, two polarities, and their opposites. These dualities encompass the spectrum of life, from light and darkness to good and bad, and even happiness and sorrow. Even in our darkest hours, the potential for light exists.

Consider the concept of twin flames, seemingly different yet two sides of the same coin. The law of Polarity teaches us to embrace the opposing forces in our lives, recognizing that they coexist and provide balance. It urges us to seek the positive within the negative, the light within the darkness, and the joy within sorrow.

Rhythm: The Eternal Dance

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides.” The principle of Rhythm unveils the natural ebb and flow of the universe. Life follows cyclical patterns, akin to a pendulum’s swing or the changing of seasons. Just as the tide ebbs and flows, so do the rhythms of our lives.

Understanding this principle encourages patience and the wisdom to allow things to unfold naturally, adhering to the universe’s rhythm. Attempting to force events to align with our personal schedules often leads to chaos and frustration. It’s in embracing the natural rhythm that we find harmony and inner peace.

Cause and Effect: The Law of Reciprocity

“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.” This principle, the Law of Cause and Effect, emphasizes that our actions have consequences. What we give to the world, whether good or bad, returns to us. It’s the universal law of reciprocity in action.

This law is a powerful reminder that we are the architects of our own reality. To change the effects we experience, we must first alter the causes we set into motion. By sowing positive actions and intentions, we reap a harvest of positivity in our lives.

Gender: The Dance of Masculine and Feminine

In Hermetic philosophy, gender goes beyond the realm of male and female. It delves into the balance of masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us. Both energies are essential for our personal and spiritual growth. The masculine energy propels us to explore, achieve, and discover, while the feminine energy nurtures, values, and appreciates the present moment.

Maintaining a balance between these energies is crucial. Overemphasizing one at the expense of the other can lead to imbalance and missed opportunities. Achieving harmony between these forces is the key to progress, understanding, and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Unleashing the Power of Hermetic Principles

As we journey through the profound teachings of the Hermetic Principles, it becomes evident that these ancient wisdoms continue to hold relevance in our modern lives. The principles offer a roadmap for personal growth, transformation, and the conscious shaping of one’s reality.

Embracing Mentalism teaches us to recognize the power of our thoughts and beliefs in shaping our world. By aligning our mindset with our aspirations, we can influence the course of our lives.

Correspondence reveals the intricate relationship between our inner world and our external reality. By adjusting our mental landscape, we can witness tangible changes in our day-to-day experiences.

The principle of Vibration reminds us that our energy, thoughts, and emotions have a profound impact on our reality. To manifest our desires, we must align our vibration with our aspirations.

Polarity encourages us to embrace the dualities of life, recognizing that within darkness, light persists. Even in our challenges, we can find opportunities for growth and joy.

Rhythm encourages patience and an appreciation of life’s natural cycles. By surrendering to the universe’s rhythm, we find harmony and tranquility.

The Law of Cause and Effect empowers us to take responsibility for our actions and intentions. By sowing positivity, we reap positivity.

Gender invites us to balance the masculine and feminine energies within, fostering holistic growth and fulfillment.

Incorporating these principles into our daily lives can be a transformative journey. It’s about awakening to the immense power we hold to shape our destinies. As Hermes Trismegistus once said, “As a man thinketh, so he is.” Our thoughts and actions are the architects of our reality, and with the wisdom of the Hermetic Principles, we can craft a world filled with growth, joy, and fulfillment.


The Hermetic Principles, steeped in ancient wisdom, are a guide to understanding the universe and our place within it. As we explore these principles, we unearth the profound connection between our thoughts, our inner world, and the reality we experience. By consciously applying these principles, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking the potential to shape our own destinies. So, I invite you to delve into these principles, embrace their teachings, and begin your own transformative journey. As Hermes Trismegistus once said, “I wish you a truly wonderful day.”


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