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This is the Times of Revelation, But it is Not What You Think it is.

This is the Times of Revelation, But it is Not What You Think it is.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

This is the Times of Revelation. However, I am not referring to the Revelation the Way the Bible perceives it to be. There is 2 different meanings to the Word Revelation, the First, "a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way".

And the Second, "the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world." Both of these definitions are very true in these times. But, Many of the So called Prophecies are being blocked or completely stopped due to the shifting of Humanity into higher vibrational Timelines. This is not the Revelation of your Grandfather. The Old Paradigm is what is leaving.

You may even notice that some people don't remember certain events that you personally may remember. You are not going crazy, and neither are they, This is what many consider as Timeline Jumping.

I am being shown in these moments, several different splits happening. At first I believed it was just a few different timelines. Now I am seeing several going in many directions. I am seeing them like silver tunnels or tentacles leading to different scenarios and outcomes. I feel that this is the different directions and Levels of vibration that humanity is going in. I first noticed this phenomenon between David and I. We have been together for about 12 years now. Many things I remember like conversations that we have had, he does not remember, or vise versa. At first this was a problem, because it can start a lot of arguments. So, instead of reacting when he wouldn't remember the same way that I did, I just excepted that it was a difference in our personal remembrance. But then I started realizing that the incidences that he had forgotten was paranormal in origin themselves, Like Dreams or Strange occurrences that he had told me he experienced, years ago. Now those events don't exist in his past in this timeline at all. Plus in many cases we would experience the same event totally different. These differences in perception of the same event, has become much more apparent just recently. We both are normally very aware of paranormal occurrences and tell each other of our experiences often. So these kinds of events in our lives are in most cases, shared so we don't forget them. However, what we are experiencing, is something out of the ordinary, and is definitely what we believe to be Supernatural or Paranormal in nature. This is also a possible explanation for what has come to be known as the Mandela effect.

What I am being shown By Divine Light that is occurring is that With every choice we make we are stepping into a different reality to suit our vibration in that moment. We are Jumping into our chosen vibrational realm for the Ascension Shift to take place, which will continue pushing us into the Higher Light. Wherever your vibration is at in these Moments is where you will be during this shift. If you are experiencing similar events then you to are also Timeline Jumping.

I am very aware of my personal level of vibration and how it has changed for the last 12 years, to where I am today. Everything in my Life has shifted majorly since then. Even living in a different geographical area. I have made extra effort to change my personal vibrations, so my awareness of my frequency level has kept me aware of the Shifting that is taking place. As I become more sensitive to the shifts, I become aware instantly when there has been a Jump.

Even with what is happening in the world today, it is becoming much more clear that we, David and I, have Jumped again. I am waiting to see where this timeline is going. Today, I seen Protestors out in the streets, shouting "My Body, My Choice." Even My Dog got involved Barking his head off, as we honked our Horn, as we passed them. So many more are actually getting in the streets, Standing for what they believe in. It is definitely a different Timeline then I was in 12 years ago. The great Awakening is happening again, and it has Nothing to do with what Religion you are. Its about being strong in your Sovereignty, and Not allowing your birth rights given to you by the infinite Creator, to be taken away in the first place. It's about raising your vibrations to meet this ascension into a higher way of being. God isn't some Man sitting on a cloud counting your sins. Hmmm, that sounds a little like Santa Claus. The Infinite Consciousness that is all things, is God, and is Omnipresent, meaning it is everywhere, and everything, and that includes you. Yes you are God in a human form. The same as your neighbor, who is also God in a human form, having his experience. As you raise in Vibration you will begin to witness the shifts taking place in your own Lives. We have control of the shifts and the Jumps ourselves. As we Raise in vibration, we Jump to a reality that fits our frequency Level in that moment. So, you choose where and what timeline you wish to be in.

We are so much more than this physical Form. Look around You. Are Things in your Life a little strange where reality seems to be different than before? You may also be experiencing Timeline Jumping. We are just beginning to experience what it feels like in the 4th dimensional Time Space. Our Revelation is awakening us out of the darkness of the 3D world. This Allowing us to remember who we truly are. God in Human Form returning back to the Light from which we came.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light by Chellea @

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