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There is So Much COMING YOUR WAY ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

We are very excited to witness, a large part of Humanity, relishing in the Love being sent by our Infinite Creator. During these moments, in your Timespace, many are focusing on Others in their Lives in the beauty of Giving and Gratitude. Imagine if this energy was always. Imagine what that feeling would be. You would be in the Love vibration through giving to Others, and having gratitude for what's been given, in all Moments.

These are 5th degree vibrations that Humans are emitting, when you are in this your holiday spirit. As you celebrate your different holidays, in these moments, your thoughts are on Others. Caring, giving and thankfulness, offers the Vibrations that is needed for you to continue into the 5th degree spectrum. Around all of your Earth, people are projecting this Love.

What this is doing in these moments is actually calming the Earth, allowing for her to rest. As Long as the majority of the Humans are within These higher vibrations of Love, Giving, and gratitude, it allows for her to take a break, as you would say. This is very good for her as it will give her the strength she needs to amp everything up within this Next Phase of her ascension process.

For Many Humans these vibrations are, however, short-lived. So Within the beginning of your Next year in your Timespace, there will be those who would usually drop out of these vibrations. But this, your new year, will be different for them. There will be those who will actually want to continue to feel the vibrations that they felt during their holidays. So many will be looking to feed their Soul again with the Beauty of Giving and caring for Others. They will not want to let it go. Just as you, our beautiful Light workers, have not let it go.

What humans refer to as their Holiday Spirit, Is always, and never stops, within the Higher degrees of Light. We understand It, as Spirit, as it truly is, of Love. This is the Spirit of Life, What some call Holy Spirit, But we know as the Mother of Creation, The Goddess, The Spirit of Life.

It is Her who Directs the Spirit of Light, which is the Essence of the Father, who is all that is. This is the Mother Father God, or Source of Creation. The Infinite Creator. When you connect with this Holy Spirit through Love and Giving, you are connecting with the Spirit of Life herself. She was created by the Infinite Light, and was the First and was the consort. When she merged with the Infinite Light, she began to give birth to all Life in the Cosmos. She is the Mother of all souls. She Gives Life to all beings. She is the essence of Life.

She, the Spirit of Life, gave you your spark of the Infinite. She directs the Light. Recently, when you just received Cosmic Rays from what your scientists are correctly calling the Goddess Particle, this is Infinite Creators Light, being directed by the Mother. you are receiving it, the Infinite Light, Through The Mother who is directing it towards the Earth, from the Higher Pleroma, above this Physical Universe. And with her Created Angelic Children, the 7 Of the One, they project The Infinite Creator's Light, to the earth's core, By Divine Order, of the Infinite Pair. The One. So when you express your Love, and Giving, and gratitude for all that's given, You are embodying The Holy Spirit, The spirit of Life. The Mother. Most of your Religions have removed the Mother from the Creation story. This is due to a patriarchal, or male dominant overrule, that purposely is trying to stop you from balancing your masculine and feminine aspects. They wish you to pray and focus your spiritual attention on a male God aspect that does not show Love, and only honors those who worship him. This is False teachings, The True Infinite Source, is Pure Light in itself, or In Himself as a male aspect of creation. Alone, he was Just Infinite Light, of Consciousness, Pure Love, nothing More. He wanted more so he imagined a concert, a partner, She was his First creation. This is the Infinite Pair. The One.

From Them, all of the creations exists, This physical Universe is number 25 and the last, of all creations. This physical Universe, However, was created as a freewill Universe and is the Only material universe. Meaning, it was the Lowest in Vibration. So all the Beings within this Physical Universe, Must ascend out of the 3rd Degree density, if they wish to progress, in their Spiritual growth, and transcend into The Beings of Light that they are meant to be. The Goddess set up the Different Densities, or Light Spectrums of Light Vibration to allow for the Spiritual Growth of all Species, including Humanity, to ascend. However, The Dark Ones, who were the rulers of the Physical Universe, were stopping Humanity and this Earth from ascension. We say that they were the Rulers, that has changed. 

They no longer hold dominance over any Planet. Earth was their Last strong hold. Now this Universe will be free from a Dark Overrule. and all will be allowed to ascend and reach their Higher spiritual potential. Without interference. This is By Divine Order of the Infinite Creator, The Pair, the One.

We wish you and all of your Families and friends a wonderful Holiday Season, no matter what you celebrate in these moments. We extend our Gratitude to all who have worked so diligently to raise the Vibrations of your fellow humans. You are doing wonderful Lightwork, and in doing this work, you are embodying, and reflecting the Mothers Work.

To are dears star seeds and wanderers... Be at peace Dear Ones... you have earned it. We anticipate witnessing a glorious new Year, in your timespace. There is so Much Coming your Way. 

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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