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The Veil is Lifting ~ The Pleiadians of Alcyone

Greetings Dear Family of Light,

In these Moments, within your Earthly reality, the veil between the realms is lifting. Some of the Older cultures on your planet celebrate this time as a reunion with their Ancestors. However, most modern cultures have lost that sacred connection, and only know it as a time of decorations and candy. While The Dark ones on your planet use this thinning, to bring forth Darkness, from the lower fourth density. The Realm of the Spirits or the Astral Plane is where your ancestors reside until they are ready to take form once again. The Dark ones within the Lower 4th dimension have also had access to this Realm. All beings have access to the astral plane, even Humans who are still in form. This is how many of your Star Families Communicate and visit with you. This is also how the Dark ones from the lower 4th dimension, were able to interact with the Physical 3D reality, and how they can control and possess their victims. The lower fourth dimension is beginning to be sealed from being able to access the Astral Plane. This is being done by The Angelic's who have access to all realms. This is stopping the Dark ones who have been imprisoned there from interacting and traversing through the astral plane

The astral plane is now becoming a safer place for you to travel, when visiting your ancestors and beings from other realms, such as your Star Families. Of course there are still beings that are of lower frequency that are still evolving, including the darker Human Souls there, who still are learning their Lessons.

But you do not need to be concerned, for them, they can not harm you. They feed on the negative vibrations, so as long as you resonate Love they can not be in your presence.

This veil that separates you from those who have transitioned is becoming thinner for 3 reasons. One is of course that this time of your Earth year, it naturally thins.

The second is that your Mother Earth is actively moving in to a Higher vibration, Allowing the Higher realms access to her once again. Making the veil disappear.

However, The Third is, it is also thinning due to your Pineal Glands becoming more open. As the cosmic Frequencies intensify, your Pineal Glands will begin to clear, allowing for your eyes to be totally open to all things that have been previously hidden. This includes being able to see within the Astral reality with ease. In your ancient times, many people had clear vision into the astral realm. These people were considered as the shamans and mystics. Throughout your history, Humanities eyes have been completely closed due to dropping greatly in vibration, and stepping completely away from your true Nature.

As you moved away from Mother Earth your eyes became blind. In these moments your eyes are being opened once again.

You are beginning to have more vivid dreams and easier access to the Astral Plane. The astral plane is also where The Fairy and pixies reside, able to traverse into any realm, from their Home within the Astral world. Fairy are the Angels of Nature.

Just as Humans have their Guides and Angels, So does every Animal Soul have nature spirits protecting them. Natures Angels also protect you. You are the Children of the Earth. When your eyes become open you will not only see all, you will hear all, and feel all. You are beginning to know your power. The veil from your eyes is lifting. You are about to witness the Unknown.

What a Wonderful adventure.

We witness you in the Light, and with Love,

We are The Pleiadians of Alcyone

Channeled By Chellea at


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