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The Return of Our Knowing (Article)

Has anyone been feeling like they are dragging? The fatigue this past week has been intense. A friend called and said she was having problems doing her job because her brain wasn’t working and she had no energy. She was making mistakes and all she wanted to do was lie on the couch. We are experiencing some major reworking of our makeup and that requires rest, so rest when you can.

We may notice our brain shorting out and briefly not remembering things. We may feel a need to spend time alone being quiet. We’ve been very thirsty also. We all experience this energy in various ways. Some may feel pressure in their head or in their ears. Some may feel woozy. Things are definitely getting more intense.

In the midst of all this intensity, we’re also seeing the ramifications. This past week I went to 3 stores one day to get groceries and cat food. My receipts were all $59 and a few cents. My first thought was, 3D is broken, because I’m getting the same receipt no matter what I buy. But then I looked up the meaning of 59, and it said this number symbolizes success and abundance. It can mean you are about to experience a period of prosperity and good fortune. Your hard work and dedication will be fully rewarded. I’m taking that as a message for all of us, since my role now is to bring thru messages for those of us working to create the New Earth and this incredible new way of being.

Also, after a few days of seemingly not much going on, Friday night I had a powerful dream. It showed me that something I was doing the last few years—using sacred geometry—was exactly right, even tho I had no idea I was doing it. Yet I was guided. That’s why we follow our guidance. This dream was personal to me, yet I was shown new information and was trying to make notes in the dream, but I kept getting interrupted as there was so much taking place. I woke up feeling like a big shift had taken place. We’ve been busy in our dreams, and now we’ll have more knowing related to them.

The doors between us and what lies beyond have opened. We have access. And this information is simply becoming a part of who we are.

This dream showed that our knowing is returning. We are going to be tuned in in a very big way. The doors between us and what lies beyond have opened. We have access. And this information is simply becoming a part of who we are. The holy scribe of our higher self is rewriting the blueprint of our being, and we are now no longer who we were. This is evolution at its finest. And I love that evolution begins with love spelled backwards. We are returning to where we came from. Love is literally calling us back.

We have all worked long and hard on this, and to encounter the times where we are back in the fatigue is not fun. So what I’m hearing is, we are in the transition. This is a pivotal time. We have reached the point where the only direction is into the new, for everyone.

And some are ready. The cashier at the grocery store asked me what I do, and I gave her a short description because there was someone else in line. Her eyes and her soul seemed to drink in my words like an elixir. She was completely ready to hear. And this is what we will find now, readiness. Many are ready, and we will have opportunities to share. What we are sharing is beyond words: it’s the energy of love and connection and unity. We’re sharing our new selves and who we’ve become. We’re broadcasting from our new home. Those who are ready will hear us, and the seeds of the new time will be planted.

By Terry Andrews at New Earth Experiences


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Jan 11

O my gosh..I must comment on this one, because you take the words right out of my mouth..I understand what is happening thanks to our brothers and sisters of light,..the right side headaches, spine shocks,, brain fog,, intensive ear ringing, especially the right side..shortness of breathe..and so on, I find myself silently asking...what in the world is wrong with me? I'm dragging around, tired for no apparent reason, extremely indifferent to anything going on, not even interested in my once favorite foods or activities. Cry at a moment notice, especially pertaining to animals good things or not. Simply want to go back to bed or sit by the window and watch the birds on the balcony..thank you for letti…


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