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The Message Given To Humanity ~ From 2 Different Extraterrestrial Races

The following message is from 2 very different Extraterrestrial Species known to Russia from the "KGB Book of Aliens" as the Ramay and the Jefok. These 2 Races have on many occasions given this same message to Religious Leaders and Heads of Countries from around the World. In all instances their warnings have come under deaf ears, and were completely ignored. One of the earliest known contacts was Pope Cornelius in the 3rd century BC. literally about 2000 years ago. It's the Moment to wake-up and see all the manipulation that has been done by those who wish to control humanity. These Beings brought their Light to us, and it was ignored by those who are in power, literally keeping Humanity in the Dark.

Excerpt from the Russian Secret Alien Races book:




"This is a message of disambiguation to all of you men of the Human kind. This is a message of redirection to all of you men of the Human kind. This is a message to enliven the minds of you men of the Human kind. This is a message that has been delivered from race to race since the Beginning... just like it was delivered to us, it is now passed to you... Where there were no men of the Human kind there were others of other kinds... This is a Message to you as well, Women of the Human kind. Only the First race has Her purity... All other races must live the grievous, patient and laborious process of spiritual inner discovery and progression. Your (Our) collective History and Memory has suffered much in the Past... it has been erased, manipulated, suffocated, shifted, changed and molded according to the interests of a few. On your Planet as well as on Ours and the one's of other kinds in the Past... To the leaders of Kingdoms and Countries and Regions: look at your religious leaders... To the religious leaders: look at yourselves and the one's like you, leaders of other religions, all over your Planet... Why do you wear your long robes and skirts, and all manners of Symbols that you do not understand ? Why do you, religious leaders, men of the Human kind, wear your long robes and skirts not knowing why? Who, men of the Human kind, are you trying to be? Who, men of the Human kind, are you trying to represent? You, religious men of the Human kind, and you, leaders of Kingdoms and Countries and Regions, men the Human kind, have slowed your spiritual progress in half because you have divided your kind in half... No men of the Human kind should destroy what the women of the Human kind have created. You have for many of your years relegated the women of the Human kind to the role of slaves. And before your kind, many other kinds have done that... and before your kind, men of the Human kind, many other kinds we have warned. For you to achieve what is Yours, for you, Men and Women of the Human kind, to be closer to Her, you must first become one kind. Like many kinds before you, Men and Women of the Human kind, you have a journey of restraint and constriction ahead of you, a journey of difficulty and resistance. But, unlike many kinds before yours, you are on a path of spiritual self destruction never experienced or self provoked by the other kinds before... And yet, you are so young... The Anunakene created you... but many kinds can destroy you. You have 2000 more (of your) years to change... after that, men of the Human kind, it will be too late. Not too late for your survival BUT too late for your salvation ! Your spiritual salvation... The "Council of 5" can only keep you safe from other kinds, NOT from yourselves... And we know that you have been betrayed, mislead and mistreated... And we know that after thousands of (your) years, by means of infiltration, disguisement and deceit, you, men of the Human kind, have been fooled to believe the unacceptable by races that do not wish you well... But, before you, many others kinds suffered the same and they too overcomed what seemed impossible to overcome... Your strength is inside of you and all around you, even now ! Your strength is in Her... and She is inside YOU, men and women of the Human kind, even now ! And the Answer is in the place that you, Human -kind, call Greece. And the answer is She... Artemis, Diana. And the answer have always been Her... And the answer, men and women of the Human kind, has been the same to all kinds... in all places! Some accept it, others don't... but the answer is only one: She! It has been this way from the beginning and it will be this way, men and women from the Human kind, until the End... It has been this way here and in all 4 universes and dimensions. "She" has many names and many faces, and lives in many places... "She" is the Creator, NOT the destroyer... In your planet She was and is called Diana... or Goddess Diana... in our planets she was called Alixi... She was also called (on other Planets) Lexae, Lixae, Dixae and Tixae... To you, of the Human kind, she will always be Goddess Diana. "Search" for Her, learn of and from Her... She is the TRUTH, the Light, the Beginnig and but never the End, the Creator and never the Destroyer. The ONE all of us came from. And learn from your legendary Greek "Gods" of old... as they all did exist... as you exist and we exist. And we are one... and She is the One! SHE is the One that you, religious men from the Human kind, lost in your robes and memory, want to be and try to replicate ... Men of the Human kind: learn from Her... the Creator !"


Cornelius - 3rd century Miltiades - 4th century John VII - 8th century Callixtus II - 12th century Pius VII - 19th century John Paul I - 20th century


- Allamah Majlisi Sani, 1690 - Ibrahim ai-Fayyumi, in 1725 - Mustafa al-Arusi, 1864 - Mustafa al-Maraghi, 1935 - Gad al -Haq, 1982


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