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Awaken, Dear Ones, open your eyes and see truth. I am here now, I have always been here. I never left you. I have been waiting and preparing for your arrival into the Higher Understanding of Love. I gave to you the truth of your Oneness with the All. I gave you the Truth of the Light within you and I gave you the Truth of your divine nature. I shared with you the Love of the Father/Mother of Creation, and beckoned you to share this Love with all others.

And I bring to you now the Glorious Light of the Great Father. The Infinite Light of Love. The Beautiful Cosmic Rays of the Infinite Father is engulfing the Earth with pure unconditional Love Vibration. This Light is from the Divine, To bring you home into the Love of the Infinite.

I once spoke to you face to face, as your Brother, as your Teacher, and as your Friend. I showed you the way to a higher way of being. To see, and do, for all Others, as you see yourself, and do for yourself.

I look at the world as it is now, and have found that all my teachings to you, have been indoctrinated with false beliefs. False concepts of salvation, False concepts of my death on the cross, and false concepts of my ascension. Giving most humans the idea that they do not have to work on their own shortcomings. That you can just be as you were and not change your understanding to a Higher way of being. Asking me to save you, is not how you Ascend into higher Light. You must do your own inner work, to achieve a higher understanding.

My Dear Family, My Teachings were very simple. Love one another. Care for each other and embody the Oneness of our Great Infinite Father. No One person is above another, all are equal in the Eyes of the father.

I came to the earth to bring this truth because it had been hidden from Humanity, under the guise of a false vengeful, hateful, warmongering extraterrestrial, that believed he owned Humanity.

In those times, I had witnessed that this being had humans DNA altered to where they could not ascend. This is when the Divine order from the Mother/Father of Creation, allowed for an intervention to take place. This Divine intervention allowed for Many of your Star Families to get involved, by altering your DNA, to allow for this transformation into the higher dimensions, to be able to occur.

I, too, helped with the initiation of this order, through our dear brothers and sisters of the Sirius Constellation. Many others of your Star Families began to help with the raising of your Genetics, to allow for an ascension to take place.

Now, humanity and this Earth is well-prepared for the jump into the higher Light spectrum.

Your physical bodies are now capable of receiving and anchoring more Light.

 If the sun, would have had the activity that it has now, in these moments, within your past history, humanity, would not have been able to take the pressures of the Higher vibrations. It would have affected the earth and humanity totally different. 

However, Now it is all up to Humans. it's all up to You. You must raise in your understanding of your Oneness, you must begin to unite as one race. One Family, Serving the One infinite God within. Many of you call this Christ Consciousness, or enlightenment. But it is not as complicated as many have claimed it to be. Just become the Love you are meant to be.

The Dark Archon rulers on your Planet, are continuing to push their Agendas and will continue as long as there is someone giving them energy. Giving them your energy, give them power. Your energy is anything that you give, your attention, your money, your time, all of this is giving them the power to continue with their darkness. Look away from them. Look Within. Focus your attention on The gift of The Father. Focus your Love and attention on caring and loving your fellow humans. Focus your attention on your truth. Whatever you are focusing on, you are giving power too.

A Divine intervention has given you your freedom, you must now make the effort for yourselves. you must go within and sit with the father. Sit with your divine piece of his wholeness. Know that you are one with the All. Know that you are one with your Neighbor. Know that you are all brothers and sisters in Love.

I love you all so Dearly,

I am.

Message from Sananda Christos.

Intuitive Transmission By Chellea Wilder at


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