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Quantum AI, Mind Control & The Dream World

Quantum AI, Mind Control & The Dream World.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

With these intense energies and the push back from the darks emotional roller coaster, you can see the obvious split that is happening, those who are caught up in all the fake propaganda in mainstream media, and now even many of the used to be Lightworkers falling back down into being totally controlled by the very system, that they where at first against when they become awakened. This is what is so messed up, in the last 10 years I have watched all Lightworkers, being awakened to Truth, to many of them now being literally reprogrammed to a new agenda by the darkness. This infestation is very obvious to those of us who have been doing this a very long time, and who chose to stay sovereign minded.

I wish to explain something that I feel people need to hear in these moments. I don't know why I am compelled to write about it, but maybe it will help someone else who may feel that something is just not right, and maybe this will trigger them to wake up out of the Darks Mind Control game that they are playing with many Lightworkers in these moments.

The First thing I wish to tell you is that, I am what I have come to know as a Prophetic Dreamer, so I am very aware of my Dreams, I also can Control my own Dreams if it is in a Lucid state. I literally was taught in a dream one time, on how to make myself Fly anytime I wanted in any dream, just by making myself walk to a wall or large object and pull myself into the air. This is how I gain total control in a dream, and this is my way of knowing what kind of Dream I am in, and what to see, or remember within it to Let me know what is happening with a Future event.

Back in January of 2020, right before all of this chaos of the supposed "plan"demic, many people from all over the world begin to have very special dreams. All of these Dreams involved our Ex-President here in the United States. I personally also experienced a few of these Dreams myself. The Strange thing is I am not a political person at all, and do not even watch the news or anything to do with worldly events, other than what I am shown to be cleared and transformed through my Light work. So to Dream of Him was very strange for me. All the Dreams that everyone was having, was all the same type of triggers. My trigger was a White piece of Paper, which was the same Trigger for Many other people.

The Dreams:

First of all this Dream was very Lucid, and very vivid.

I was in my Old Home that I grew up in as a child. I was walking toward my livingroom when I seen my Mother and Trump, sitting on the far side of the room. He was sitting with his back turned to me facing my Mother. But I still knew who he was immediately. I wanted to take control of the dream right away, so I walked over to the wall to lift myself into the air. But, One of the first things I noticed was, it was harder for me to get into the air. It took me 3 times to actually take control of the dream. This has never happened to me before, so it was an important observation, and was the First red flag. I literally was wondering in my dream why this was happening, so I became cautious within my dream itself.

I finally was able to take total control and flew over to Trump, and I sat next to my Mother on the couch. In that moment it was like a trance state begin to happen, and he handed me a small Piece of "White Paper". I looked at that piece of Paper and was drawn into it like it was some sort of Portal. I was seeing numbers and Letters but wasn't making out anything other than the number 9.

That Dream ended There.

Within about a Month, Others begin to have similar dreams where Trump was handing them Pieces of "White Paper". Some people, seen like battle Plans or something like it on the Paper.

With all of That, I did take this dream to heart in that Moment, so I begin to do my Lightwork, protecting and directing energy. Many others were doing the same. However, The Dream still bothered me.

It seemed like the dream was trying to put me into a contract, or use my energy for an agenda, that I did not wish to be a part of. Like maybe me taking the piece of Paper was like me signing something. I found this all very disturbing, because I begin to feel that my personal consciousness was possibly invaded. When coming to this conclusion, I ended up having another very strange dream within a day or two. This time I had NO control of what was happening.

The Dream Started off with me awakening being lowered down into a tunnel, Military men were everywhere around me and I was strapped to some sort of table, I could tell I was being Lowered underground. The wall of this round well like structure, was grey brick, and they were layered like upside down stairs. I remember Looking up and seeing a Bright Light and then, Nothing. Like I had been knocked out. I remember being very lightheaded and foggy the next morning but was able to tell my Family what I had remembered of the dream.

Right after this dream, I became aware through someone else's channeling that the Dreams were caused by a Quantum AI computer that is control by the Secret military. It was thought that they were trying to weed out the ones they can control, and the ones they can't, like me.

This whole thing is why I put up a big RED flag with anything concerning any political narrative. I know personally that I was being dream manipulated against my will. Whoever done it is NOT of the LIGHT, because it Broke my Freewill.

Just recently there has been other information coming out that the whole thing was just a roller coaster ride for the masses, and that some of the Space peoples are actually trying to use their satellites and mind chips to completely control the Human Species.

When the Big Q anon Campaign began, A few Big Trump supporters Like Alex Jones, Claimed That the whole thing was What is known as the CIA and Military's "Trust" Agenda. At the Time, Alex even had Declassified Documented evidence of a CIA operative that was called "Trust", and it was to be used in a way to single out those They Knew where awakening, and would no longer follow their chosen narrative. So, they created a Place on the Internet, where they could push a Conspiracy Theory Overload to Null and Hide the Real Crimes against Humanity and this Earth, and to try and Control the Ones who are awakening, through this Programming that literally Brain washes people through their Dream Time, and through an outlet that is telling them what they want to hear. That Outlet making everyone who follows it think all the Evil in the world is being removed behind the scenes. As much as I too wanted all of what was being said to be true, but, it is Not. Sorry, Hillary Still isn't in Jail and is still Rich and powerful and still very evil, and Slow Joe Biden is still President, and By the Way, yes, Trump and His Family are still pushing the Vaxs. Nothing that the Q movement has said is true, and all it has caused is a lot of confusion on why nothing is happening the way they say it's going too. Even causing many people to be put in Jail from the Jan. 6 event. Everyone of Them thinking that they did it for Trump. But Trump, has turned his Back on all of them. And Now they are going to try and do it again on Sept 18th. This is How ridiculous it all is. Well surprise, you have been blind sided, by the Deep State itself, the real one. The Fact is They are ALL the Evil ones, Lying and tricking Humanity, into thinking that they are their savior, This causing the removal of the Power that the Lightworker communities once had when united.

Sadly Because of the constant hate and fighting and all the misinformation many are no Longer of Light, and now are totally brain washed into thinking that some how it's all going to flip flop and change, to their Agenda. Well, sorry nothing that the Government does is good for humanity because they are the Ones doing the Tricking.

But, The Light is Here full force, and it's not stopping anytime soon. I chose to not fall for the Darks political agenda of weeding out the Ones they Find to be a problem. I am not saying at all that Trump is a part of it in any way, I honestly believe it is the Democrats doing the whole Q anon Game. Why would people like Hillary who has been implemented through this movement as being one of the Most Evil people on this Planet, but yet she is still living high and mighty and says nothing about what has been said about her. This is another Big Red Flag you should be seeing. If Q anon was truth, wouldn't have Trump been in trouble about it a long time ago, maybe during the first fake impeachment? I honestly believe that this whole thing is Nothing more than a CIA coup to separate out those they find to be a problem, and they have used advanced Technology to do it. Welcome to the Real Matrix. Now It's time to see through that illusion and actually start to get something Done by directing your energy where it needs to be, Focusing on the incoming Light, and opening back to your inner truth. Not some crazy Conspiracy generating agenda, that only says what it thinks you want to happen. Now it's time to really Change this World starting within your own self. You must bring peace back into your hearts, all the war and fighting scenarios, can dim your Light. You are so much more than the 3D world makes you believe, We do have the Power to Change this world, by our thoughts words and actions. Only focusing on Fear of what the Dark is doing next, isn't helping your spiritual growth, and isn't helping this Planet either. The Dark has infiltrated the Lightworker communities, But the Light is intervening. Soon more will awakened to the trickery of the Dark. But for now, Those of us who see the real truth of what has taken place, can now move on into the Higher Light without confusion, and separation. When you step away from the need for someone to control you, you can clearly see the darks ways of using the different outlets to manipulate this world.

You can take this information or Leave it, it's up to you. I know what happened to me personally. I am not a political puppet for the dark and I refuse to be quiet, and pushed aside, because I do not follow the chosen narrative. I know My Truth, I serve Only the Light. When our Freewill is taken, it is a crime against Source. Anytime you are being controlled, your freewill is being taken. This is what the Dark fears the Most about the Lights intervention, Their Crimes are not just Planetary but will be dealt with from Highest Light, which looks as though The main characters will be vanquished and merged back with Source Light. Those of This Evil Agenda will be totally gone, No more, and Their Soul Light if still there, will be merged back with Source. Which will be Started totally a new, as though they Never existed. The Light Now Shines on All the Dark's Deception Game, but will you see it? Or are you still lost within the Matrix?

It's Your Chance to Awaken fully to the Truth of what has been happening. Question everything, even your own Dreams.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so Much Love and Light,


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