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Why Does Spirituality Lead to Extraterrestrial Contact? ~ By Chellea Wilder (Audio+Article)

Why does Spirituality Lead to Extraterrestrial Con

Why does Spirituality Lead to Extraterrestrial Contact?

Many people are spiritual, whether they are Practicing Metaphysics, Buddhism, or are wrapped up in a religion. Spirituality is a normal occurrence and understanding for most people. Eventually, every person will look towards a spiritual growth, especially when it is close to the time of Transitioning. Even if they consider themselves as Atheists. However, as The Earth and Humanity continue their Journey into Higher Spiritual Awareness. Those on this Path, seem to eventually realize that we are Not alone on this spiritual Journey. Many will have their Own Experiences, that lead them to the Path Of Cosmic Interaction. This Cosmic Interaction, starts out with What a Person Knows, and already understands. Most Humans Know what an Angel is, or at least they have an understanding that they are of Higher spiritual advancement. To understand Our Interdimensional Reality, one must first understand that we advance spiritually through the Light spectrum of this Universe.

By moving Higher in the light Spectrum of Existence, a person will begin to get messages, from the Universe. Leading and guiding them along their Journey. The higher in Light you become, the Easier it is to hear this Wisdom. Those who understand Prayer, can understand that you are communicating with a Higher form of Life, Whether you are Praying to Yeshua or to Your understanding of God. Many talk and commune with the Higher spirits but most are unaware that they are actually channeling the Ones they are focused upon. The Angels and Yeshua are some of the very first energies a Person will Channel. This is why many are drawn to those Channels. But what most who are wrapped up in a religion or Belief system, don't know, is that that is just the tip of the ice burg, as far as the wisdom and enlightenment you can obtain through channeling, Other Higher dimensional Lifeforms.  

Many are scared to open themselves up to these beings because they don't Trust Themselves enough to know what is of Light and What is Not. Every day you come in contact with unwanted Energies, You can tell what is of Light and What is not if you just trust your own inner Knowing. It is a Natural occurrence as we lift higher in the Light vibrations to come across other beings within those higher spectrums. Humanity has been shielded from knowing the Truth of our Interdimensional existence. So, Many are frightened by the Unknown. This is why Many of the Higher Light Beings are coming forward to communicate with us so we can know the Truth of our Existence.

A person who is only focused on religious understanding and refuse to see the Whole Picture of the Spiritual spectrum, are not advancing. All the Books and scriptures and ancient Teachings, are great, but they don't tell you the whole truth.

The Extraterrestrial/Interdimensional channelings give us a fresh New perspective of our reality. Plus we get to interact with Beings from another spectrum of our existence. This is very exciting. We are communicating with something Other than Humans.

There are those who claim that the Extraterrestrials/Interdimensional are false Light. False Light is when you are being lied to, under the Guise of it being Of Light and Truth.

The Bible it'self is a book of False Light, It was created to deceive Humanity, and to control them. The people who are saying these Things about the Extraterrestrials/Interdimensional, Worship a False Hateful, Vengeful, God, The God of the Old Testament.

Excerpt from the Bible.

In Jonah 1 verse 2, we can see the Darkness of the god of the Old Testament... Yahweh is a jealous God and avenges. Yahweh avenges and is full of wrath. Yahweh takes vengeance on his adversaries, and he maintains wrath against his enemies.

End of excerpt.

However, Jesus True Father was not Yahweh as you are taught through the Bible. The Being of the Old Testament Has a Name, and is Jealous, vengeful and wrathful.

This is an Excerpt From the scriptures, The Sophia of Jesus Christ of The Nag Hammadi Codices.

The Savior said to them: "I want you to know that all men are born on earth from the foundation of the world until now, being dust, while they have inquired about God, who he is and what he is like, have not found him.
But I, who came from Infinite Light, I am here, for I know him, the Light. that I might speak to you about the precise nature of the truth.
The Savior said: "He Who Is is ineffable. No principle knew him, no authority, no subjection, nor any creature from the foundation of the world until now, except he alone, and anyone to whom he wants to make revelation through him who is from First Light. From now on, I am the Great Savior. For he is immortal and eternal. Now he is eternal, having no birth; for everyone who has birth will perish. He is unbegotten, having no beginning; for everyone who has a beginning has an end. Since no one rules over him, he has no name; for whoever has a name is the creation of another."
"He is unnameable. He has no human form; for whoever has human form is the creation of another."
"And he has a semblance of his own - not like what you have seen and received, but a strange semblance that surpasses all things and is better than the universe. It looks to every side and sees itself from itself. Since it is infinite, he is ever incomprehensible. He is imperishable and has no likeness to anything). He is unchanging good. He is faultless. He is eternal. He is blessed. While he is not known, he ever knows himself. He is immeasurable. He is untraceable. He is perfect, having no defect. He is imperishability blessed. He is called 'Father of the Universe'".

End of Excerpt.

Yeshua's interpretation of The Infinite Creator is Beautiful and is very to the point. His Father is the Father of the Universe. The Father of our Interdimensional Reality. The One Infinite Light.

Today, many of us Know Yeshua, as Master Sananda. And have been able to communicate with him on a much different and Higher level, because we have let go of any old false light programming.

Our Reality is of the Light spectrum, because the Infinite Father is Pure Light and is The All. And within that Spectrum of existence, resides many beings of Light. Helping to Lift this Earth and Humanity out of the Darkness of the material Universe, which is the 3rd dimension. They are here to help raise us in the Light and the Love of our Infinite Creator.

I Love you all so Much,

Written by Chellea Wilder at


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