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Identified Flying Objects IFO's~ James Gilliland (Audio + Article)

by James Gilliland eceti

by James Gilliland

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. We have been focusing on the radio show mainly posting on Telegram and Truth Social. The latest UFO footage is there. People ask why we don’t use the new government sanctioned names for UFOs, it is because all that is a controlled narrative. If anything we will change to IFOs. Identified flying objects having had contact for over 40 years documented and personally my entire life. We know who is on the ships many by name which far surpasses the current controlled narrative disclosure projects. We question the integrity of

those continuing in the coverup of spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, the evidence and ongoing contact at ECETI. Fame and fortune take precedence to helping the people end war, disease, poverty and take a quantum leap in evolution. You need to look no further than the ufo community itself, the global elite and agencies doing their bidding. That is exactly why we don’t have contact.

The controlled narrative is in the hands of the morally and integrity challenged. Let that sink in. These spiritually and technologically advanced beings want to help humanity and the earth yet those in power are stopping it even those you believe are on your side in most cases are planned opposition. Those involved in the Rockefeller Initiative, those on most of the alien shows, the major UFO conferences all are connected to big money. That big money is controlled by Satanic/Luciferian money riddled with pedophiles. There are many that sold their souls to get it. This is why we do not have contact as a collective. It is also why ECETI is blackballed from Hollywood, and major UFO conferences which again are part of the controlled narrative. I was told at a conference once by the promoters I was one of the most loved and hated person at the conference. The people loved us, the posers caught up in competition and profit hated us. There is contact on lower levels with many governments, institutions and many at the top of the UFO community but it is not the contact you want. In fact it is exactly what you don’t want. We have a saying, just because you’re dead does not mean you’re enlightened and just because you’re an ET does not mean you’re benevolent. Self-serving individuals are contacting self-serving ETs. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect.

This brings us back to consciousness. We have to rise in consciousness, heal the wounds, traumas, release the past and raise our frequencies for contact with higher frequency beings. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is an open mind, loving heart and pure intent, something that the controlled narrative is missing. Impeccable integrity or at least working towards that goal is also necessary.

In the interest of national security it would be wise for our military intelligence to be working towards contact with these spiritually and technologically advanced beings to deal with ETs who are not benevolent. They are already intervening on our behalf. Sending up our latest jets with an adversarial agenda is like taking a knife to a nuclear war. We are extremely outmatched as observed by UFOs making right angle turns several thousand miles an hour and traveling several hundred thousand miles an hour blinking in and out of existence rendering our nuclear missiles inert. Common sense dictates that maybe we should make peace with these beings, form an alliance. Many profess there is an alliance already but with who? There is the dark fleet, a break away society tied to the illuminati or global elite. We can only imagine what that alliance would look like. Yet where there is dark there is light. The light side would be the Pleiadians who started Atlantis and Lemuria, Lyrans both our ancient ancestors who continued to evolve peacefully not subject to the cataclysms of Earth. There is the Orion Council of Light, the Pleiadian Council, the Andromedan Council all of which are extremely advanced off worlders. They are the antithesis of the Orion Alliance which is made up of degenerate ETs, Serpent beings, Royal reptilians, Reptilians, tall Greys etc. These are all covered with charts in the Ambassador Training workshops, ecetistargate TV, and in the books. UFOs the Origin of Religion and Man the latest book covers this. The techniques to heal and clear yourself of these trespassing negative ETs are in the books and free on the website

There is no doubt we are going through a planetary liberation from Tyranny in all forms. The Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth is in hyperdrive. The Sun is very active in this process in conjunction with the heavenly realms which include spiritually and technologically advanced ETs. The greater family of man, the many mansions which are better referred to as dimensions. We have to expand our image of God and the multiverse. There is not just heaven and hell with us in the middle. It is much more vast than we can imagine. God/Creator/Great Spirit is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverses. It is the unified field in which everything resides. We have the spark that can expand in awareness to become the full flame within us. We have the opportunity to become one with the one consciousness. This is the image and likeness, it never was a physical body. Although our DNA is divine. Don’t let them alter it. Live long and prosper. Keep an open mind, loving heart and pure intent.

God speed,

James Gilliland

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