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Message to the 144,000 ~ Now is the time... It has Begun... ~ The Angels (Vision & Channeling)

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Whilst Meditating, I begin communicating with My Angelic Family. I was given a Beautiful Vision. So I would like to share it with all of you.

I am First Shown a Massive golden Gate. This gate is very Lavish, and is surrounded by billowing clouds. I am given the understanding that this Gate, is the Doorway to beyond the Pleroma, beyond the material Universe. And through this gate is flowing an excessive amount of pure White Light. I see this Light flooding from the Pleroma all the way through the cosmos, to the edges of the Milkyway Galaxy, making its way to, and engulfing the Earth. This very intense Light, is being directed by the Divine Mother, and is the Essence of the Divine Father.

I then see the 144,000 Angelic Souls who are on the Earth Now, being engulfed with this Light. I begin to see these beings individually being awakened, and as that happens, a type of code is activated within each one of their Essence.

I am told that this code is special to those who were chosen, to take this role.

Each one then are raised up, and I begin to see their etheric Wings expanding. I am Then Told that These Angelic Beings are placed very strategically around the Earth. Each one are where they need to be in these moments. As they awaken, Each one, are reconnected to their Divine code. This Connection isn't a physical one, or something that they must do consciously, But it is an energetic one. And it happens automatically when and Angelic soul awakens. The Essence of Each Angelic Soul connects directly with the Source Light from the Infinite Creator.

I am then shown that Once Their codes are Activated and As they make this energetic Connection to the Source Light, the Intensity of The Light the Earth and Humanity are receiving increases. I am Shown That The More of these souls, that connect with the Truth of Who they are, the Higher the Earth and Humanity is raised up in Light. These Angelic souls, have a mission unlike any other Beings on Earth. These Angelic's have a different Mission, a Hidden Mission.

I am told it was hidden and encrypted into different writings and architect, disguising the truth behind the number 144,000. Their Mission is different because these beings can use the Power or Force of the Light to push Humanity and this Earth Into the 5th Density. They are here to do the work to Hold the Vibrations for those who can't, and They are here to help Raise Humanity and this Earth into the Higher Light. And Many of them are here on a Mission to help set Humanity Free from the Dark's Rule.

I am shown that the 144,000 Angelic's, who have incarnated, are unlike all other souls from this Universe.

As Most Know there are Positive and negative aligned Angelics, and They all can incarnate on the Earth for Whatever, reason they wish to. However, Those chosen for the 144,000 are here to Turn the Tides, on the Dark's Plan.

The Mission of the 144,000 Angelic souls, that have come here during these very precious moments, are here to raise the consciousness of their Earthly Family, and to do whatever their individual guidance is for the Mission at hand. This is where you have those who are actively working to infiltrate the Dark Ones plans. Each know their own personal missions. But Most of the Angelics are here to hold the Light for all others to make the ascension. The Angelics are directly created by the Divine Pair, and are not from within the Material Universe, and do not need to go through the ascension process, like other souls do that were created within this material Universe.

Angelics however, because they are a direct creation of the Divine Mother/Father, are Not from this Physical Universe, and can actively interact within all 12 dimensions of the Material Universe.

I am Then Shown Multiple Universes, Each different and all the Creations of The Infinite Creator. I then see our Universe, which is totally different than all the Other Universes. It is Dim and Dark and does not have the Brilliance of Light, that the Other Universes Have. I then See many Light beings from all the Other universes, Focused on Our Universe, Sending Brilliant Love and Light. These are our Angelic Families, waiting in anticipation for us to finish the Mission we came here to do.

 It Is The Moment we have all been waiting for. The Intense Energies now encasing the Earth, is bringing all to the surface. Truth is opening up the eyes of many. and It's Now the Moment for the 144,000 to rise, To step up to your missions.

Those Angelic's in Human form, still must ascend with Humanity, and still must hold the Light. This means you must do the Work. Humanity and those who are not of Angelic Origins are here to transcend the darkness, and to enhance their Spiritual development, through ascending through the Light densities of existence.

In these moments, Distractions are everywhere, and Those of us, who have a mission, We are being guided to step up Now. We are being Guided to Use the Power of Light to transform what is not of divine will. We are being asked to stand tall and hold the sword of Light with great honor. If you feel drawn to these words you may be an Angelic Soul, and you may be one of the 144,000 chosen to awaken to your power.

One must remember that angelic souls have been incarnated in to many different races throughout this Universe.

Many, if not most of you, who are already awake, may have had their origins as Angels. The starseeds who are here from the 6th dimensions and beyond, especially. An angelic soul, usually starts with incarnating into Higher forms of Life, such as an Andromedan, Arturians or Sirians, before coming to Earth. This is why Many believe Sananda to be from Sirius. However, Sananda, the One you know as Yeshua, he is Originally an Angelic Soul, and is leading the 144.000, in this Great Divine Plan.

I feel I was given this vision, to help those of the 144,000 to awaken, to remember their Divine heritage, and to step up to the Missions they came here to do. Now is the time... It has begun...

I Love you all so,

In so Much Love, Light, and joy...

Channeled and vision by Chellea Wilder at


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