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Man who exposed ‘Area 51 UFO tests’ claims US government still monitors him 30 years later (Video)

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The man who exposed Area 51 to the world is still being tracked by the U.S. Government, he claims.

Bob Lazar claims to have seen test flights of nine captured UFOs, and says he even worked as an engineer on the alien spacecrafts, in a TV interview in 1989.

Now a new documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, takes a deep dive into his theories and where is now.

Thirty years ago he claimed to have worked near Area 51 at hangar  S-4 where he claims UFOs with tiny alien seats were made out of a material called Element 115.

Going by the fake name Dennis, he told reporters: "The propulsion system is a gravity propulsion system. The power source is an antimatter reactor. This technology does not exist at all."

The U.S. Government always denied the existence of Area 51 until five years ago when CIA documents listed it as an aviation test site.

Lazar described the cover up as "a crime against the scientific community".

He later claimed the Government had threatened his life, his wife and family in an effort to silence him.

UFO The Bob Lazar Interview (Full Documentary)

In the documentary he says he regrets blowing the whistle on the alien test site, adding: "At this point in my life, I’d probably lean towards not saying anything."

These days he lives in  Michigan with wife Joy and and runs United Nuclear, selling lasers, chemicals and science products.

Lazar claims the FBI once raided his lab, saying: "At the risk of sounding paranoid, I do always have a suspicion that someone is monitoring me – it’s something that is difficult to get out of my mind."

Nowadays he actively ignores tales of aliens and space craft.

He added: "I do not follow UFO stories or reports and am not interested in researching life outside of Earth.

"My primary interest was, and still is, the incredibly advanced technology. I know if we can control and develop it, it can change the world."

The journalist who introduced Lazar to the public, George Knapp backs-up his story adding: "His vehicle also had break-ins. Mind games being played. Threats were issued

"Lazar and others were bugged and followed, and it certainly seemed like someone wanted to frighten him into remaining silent, or maybe they wanted to drive him a little crazy.

"I was present for many of these events. I saw them with my own eyes, and I witnessed the aftermath as well."

But Lazar's reputation has taken a kicking throughout the years - like when researchers failed to find a record of him attending his alleged schools, MIT and the California Institute of Technology.

He tells the documentary: "How can I prove anything else? Do you think Los Alamos just hired me out of high school?"

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell told Mail Online:  "If this story’s true, it is probably the most important UFO story in human history, because it reveals the truth."

This story originally appeared in The Sun.

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