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It Will Happen, ALL AT ONCE ~ The 7D Pleiadians

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As You Become Aware Of Life Unfolding Moment By Moment, You Will Know In Truth That Light Has Served You Well. You Are Learning And Observing Life In Many Ways. You Are Preparing Your Heart For The Grand Shift Of The Ages.

All At Once, The Most Beautiful Light Will Cover The Earth As Love Fills The Hearts Of Those Longing For Peace! The Portal Of Light That Is Stationary Near Earth Will Surround The Planet In Frequencies That Communicate With Lightworkers In All Places. Indeed, One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Souls Will Activate In Light As Other Souls Feel The Frequency Of Change!

All At Once, The Beloved Animals In Captivity Will Be Free! Large Tigers, Lions And Bears Will Feel Tingling And Bliss As Their Bodies Are Transformed To Circulate Light! The Gathering Of Animals Has Begun Around The Planet And In One Moment They Will Be Drawn To The Hum Of Crafts And The Music That Plays!

All At Once, Wars Will Cease And Confusion With Dark Forces Will Cause Them Great Fear As They Turn On One Another. Desiring Targets Of Light To Be The Focus Will No Longer Satisfy Their Craving For Power!

All At Once, You Will Be Gone From The Desolation And Struggling That Has Been Present Throughout Your Waking Dream. In One Moment, Truth Will Be Embraced As You Understand The Meaning Behind All Lessons Gleaned In Expanded Consciousness!

All At Once, Every Malady And Obstacle Will Be Completely Transcended To Spiritual Understanding And Every Soul Will Have The Perception Of Knowing The Guidance To Greater Awareness That Each Aspect Of Life Brought.

All At Once, Sheen Will Be Home To Great Masses Who See One Another As Family And Friends! With No More Duality, The Desire To Share And Serve Others As The Self Will Bring Joy To Each Soul In Form.

All At Once, Your Life Will Have Great Meaning And Purpose As Your Soul Expresses In A Variety Of Ways! Your Creative Abilities Will Flourish With Painting, Sculpting, Singing, Dancing And Enjoying Life In Every Moment Of Being!

All At Once, A Great Understanding Of Technology Will Be Remembered As You Travel In Crafts Throughout The Cosmos. You Will Experience The Joy Of Vehicular Crafts As You Speed Through Areas Of Sheen With Close Friends!

All At Once, The Earth Will Grow Dark And Desolate With Nature Groaning For The Return Of Light! In These Moments, Pleiadians Will Assist Those Left In Darkness With The Intention To Leave No Life Behind. Many Will Understand And Follow The Light! Only Evil Beings Will Choose To Remain In Darkness!

All At Once, The Souls Of Sheen Will Celebrate With Music And Dancing! There Will Be Speeches And The Recognition Of All Those That Have Served Earth So Well! There Will Be Unity And Love In All Crystal Hearts That Beat As One!

All At Once, Crafts Will Descend From Many Stars. In These Moments Of Understanding The Grand Shift Of The Ages, All Souls That Have Desired To Join The Souls Of Earth In A Galactic Civilization Will Meet You In Honor And Love!

All At Once, Your Families Of Origin Will Arrive In Sheen With Hugs And Great Joy! Mates And Children Will Unite And Spend Wonderful Moments Reviewing Life Apart As You Completed The Final Waking Dream!

All At Once, Beloved Ones, You Will Remember Who You Really Are! You Will Understand The Light That You Infinitely Carry Within!

All At Once, I Will Embrace You In Love!

All At Once, My Family Of IKAI, LAKA, NEIOH, KABAMUR And AKATU Will Stand By My Side!


I Love You So!


original Title, All At Once.

Pleiadians of 7D Tay-geta received telepathically by Judith Lynn. @family of Tay-geta on X


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