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**Important Transmission** A Wake-up Call ~ The Pleiadians

Greetings, We are the Pleiadians.

This channel has allowed for our presence, in this Moment. We thank you for receiving this Important Transmission.

Many Changes are upon you, The big split in your reality is taking place. You will see it as totally opposite mindsets. there will really be no middle ground. One will push harm to others and fear based propaganda while Others see only Love, and push against War and Hate. Humans all must make a choice in these times. it's not about taking a political or religious side. It's about focusing on your true purpose, and finding the spark with in each one. And seek to amplify that spark in Love.

In these moments of great change, humanity is faced with choices. Choices to respond in Love, or react in Fear and hate.

In every moment, you are given the choice. It's all up to you. You make the choice for yourself. The propaganda will push taking sides within the Hate. You choose to Not be affected. You choose to care for all souls, not just one side or the other. You are making your choice. in these very precious moments, which reality you wish to experience.

The Path of Darkness of Fear and hate is being pushed by the ones who wish to rule, to enslave. This has been a very long journey, for many souls on your planet. Some of your souls have endured many life times, stuck in the darkness. The conflicts that are rising up, is due to tremendous fear and hate created in these areas for many of your earth years.

Fear and Hate has become the normal for these people, even through their ancestors. These energies now must be released. All Must find their Sovereignty, their freedom. The people are not the ones fighting each other. It is the Darkness on your Planet that is harming the innocent.

That Darkness all comes from the same source. There is no difference between, one causing harm, or the other causing harm, it is all darkness, it is all the same. Your rulers start these wars, to cause fear, and to harm you, while they sit back and watch from safe distances. This is a Wake up call for Humanity. don't fall for the deception. It is your personal Choice..

Darkness is now leaving your planet. They are fighting back and attacking, because they know no other way. You must not let them choose your side for you. If you wish to proceed within the light, you must not push fear, hate, or war.

You make your own choice, on what consciousness level you wish to embody.

Many of you can hold the 5th degree Love for longer periods now. This is due to the Many choosing to Love and protect the innocent ones going through much chaos caused by the governments.

Your Love is being amplified by the Cosmic Frequencies that all of us your Star Families are sharing, sending and directing towards Earth and Humanity. Many of you are now embodying the 5th level consciousness at will. You are learning to Hold the Light for much longer time periods. This is beautiful from our perspective. This is pushing your ascension in a much faster pace, because you have let go of the Attachments of the need for conflict.

Competition and conflict do not exist within the higher dimensions. You are releasing this Now, The Earth is releasing this Now.

You are now waking up from your long slumber. We Celebrate your awakening. We are your Family, We Love you.

We are the Pleiadians.

Channeled By Chellea at


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