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** Important Message** Nothing, Will Ever Be The Same Again! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings In the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

This Is an Important message we wish to give to our Family of Light.

As your Reality is shifted into a higher Degree of Light, all the Darkness must be Purged and Revealed. This is causing the Dark ones to React violently.

The Massive Events that are occurring on your Planet in this Timespace, are large scale dark rituals being performed by the Elites of Your Planet. They use what you might know as Energy Weapons to Cause Fires and Manipulate the Weather, That has caused massive destruction and the Loss of Many Lives.

They use their Dark Blood Magic to gain more Power by wiping out Large areas, killing many and kidnapping some, and Leaving the Rest in total chaos and fear. These Rituals are now backfiring on the dark ones. This is mainly Due To the 5th Degree Light Coming Into your Planet. and also due to the Many awakened warriors of Light, exposing them for their Actions. The Dark knows now that they no longer have the Upper hand.

They are continuing to attack humanity and the Earth, to try and Push their fear and hate. They know the War has been Won by The Light, however, they are sure to take as many into Darkness, as they possibly can.

As You Enter the Higher Degree of Consciousness, many on your Planet will not be going with you. Many will not see what you see, Know What you Know, or Experience What you experience.

This Means You will begin to Witness The Elementals and Other Entities within the 4th Dimension, while Others, will Not.

You may experience an Extreme Boost of 5th Degree Light that feels like it penetrates through your Very Being, and The Person standing Next to You may feel Nothing.

You may Experience Receiving The Downloads from your Akashic Knowledge and wisdom, While Others, receive Nothing.

You will see the Truth, and Know The Truth, and Feel the Truth, but many others will not.

Everyone is experiencing This Shift, but for Some It's not necessarily for The Positive. Every individual on your Planet in this Timespace, Is either here to "Evolve" Spiritually, or "Devolve" Spiritually. Each makes their Own Choice. And yes, there are some beings on your Planet that do not have The Light of The Infinite, so They Feel Nothing but the Darkness that engulfs them.

This is a Natural Split in your Existence That is Taking Place, Soon those of the Lower Vibrations will all be gone from your reality. And you can then Stand Free as a 5TH degree Society.

We understand, as you witness the Darkness Reacting and causing the Chaos all around you, that it seems that things are getting worse on your Planet. We assure you that, all is in Divine Order, and All that the Dark ones attempt to do against Humanity, and this Earth, will all recoil back to them. The Reflection of Their own Darkness will expose them.

Their Dark Magic is blocked completely within the Frequencies you are now receiving. The Dark Ones are reacting to all the Continuous 5th Degree Light, that they are being Engulfed With. This reaction is their last attempts, They will try and continue to Use the Darkness against Humanity and the Earth, because this is all they Know to Do. As the Negative Ones are purged from their hiding, They are quickly being removed. Those in your World Power, will also begin to be removed. You will begin to witness, certain key individuals, being removed or replaced within your world structure. As they are removed, so is their Agenda.

Your Earth will never, be the Same again. She is being lifted out of the Darkness that once engulfed Her. Her Higher Spirit, is in Celebration, for this has been a very Long Journey for Her. The Dark Ones have kept her in a sort of sleeping state for the Last 26000 Years of your Timespace. During that time, They had tried on several occasions to Kill her completely. When they couldn't kill her, they decided to drop her vibration down as Low as they could, to try and stop her from returning to Light. All of their attempts has failed. And any and all attempts that they try and achieve in your future Timespace, will also fail. They have finally lost this very ancient War.

Now that the Earth has awakened from her slumber within the Darkness, she is very aware of the Dark One's actions against her and her Dearly beloved Children.

The Dark ones have nowhere to Hide, so all they do will be seen by all of Humanity.

Nothing, in this Time Space, will ever be the Same as before. This is all New To Humans, But it is also new to the Rest of this Existence. We all are experiencing a sort of Freedom from the Darkness. As Stated Before, The Earth is The Last Planet to be liberated from the Darkness. From the Moment of the Creation of The Physical Universe, There has been a Looming Darkness that has stopped many from ascending Higher in the Light Spectrums. They have held a control over The Physical reality. Enslaving many 3rd degree races, stopping them completely from ascending back to the Infinite Creator. This is Why the Divine Intervention has taken place. This Multiverse of existence, will Never Be The Same again. This has been a very Long Conflict between Those of The Light forces, and Those of The Darkness. It is Finally Coming to an end.

All of Creation is in Celebration.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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