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** FULL DISCLOSURE ** Black Budget, Stargate, Raytheon, Lockheed Skunk Works, UAP/UFO Secrets

Universal Lighthouse Full Disclosure and Forbidden News

Please understand That Dr. Steven Greer is one of the Top People who debriefs our US Government Officials on the UFO Topic.

Many are concerned on him heading the UFO disclosure because of his views of, "all of the extraterrestrials are positive". However, the disclosure that he is bringing isn't about extraterrestrials, but about the Black Budget Projects of the Military industrial Complex. He has over 700 whistleblowers helping him bring disclosure of this information. These companies of the Military industrial complex, are the Darkness behind all Human Trafficking in the world. and it is being done Through UFO Abductions. Plus he has evidence of all of the Technology that these companies have, that they have hidden from all of Humanity. All of Dr. Greers Evidence through military whistleblowers has been given to Congress.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO Shawn Ryan Show Dr. Steven Greer is back in episode #65 to discuss a wealth of ground-breaking science and discovery. First, he outlines new realizations around zero-point energy and how this supposed newfound technology is as old as time. Greer also covers how this technology has been hidden away from the public for decades by the military industrial complex and corporate interests. Why? Because it could change the balance of power globally. This episode uncovers who these corporate entities are and how YOU can get involved to secure an abundant future for you and your family. DOWNLOAD SRS CONTENT: 🚨↘️ Shawn Ryan Show Links ↙️🚨 Newsletter - Patreon - Apple - Spotify - TikTok - Instagram - #shawnryanshow Dr. Steven Greer Links: Website - Documentary - Instagram - Whistleblowers: please write to: Shawn Ryan Show Sponsors: - USE CODE "SRS" 00:00 - Introduction 06:20 - Lochhead Skunkwirks 08:37 - History of Electromagnetic Propulsion 12:45 - Division of Boeing 15:05 - Victims vs Culprits 24:06 - Disinformation Agents 28:02 - Stargate Program 35:44 - Project BlueBeam 41:34 - Meeting of Interest 52:35 - Chris Beck UFO Question 56:17 - Multidimensional Meaning 58:05 - Example of Dimensional Interaction 1:02:57 - UPA Technology and Telepathy 1:06:25 - Lockheed Skunkworks Tech 1:16:08 - How teleportation works 1:19:13 - Goal of the Disclosure Project 1:27:58 - The Lost Century 1:34:57 - Breathing in Bad Air Overseas 1:38:34 - Questions About AntiGravity 1:45:50 - Atomic Bombs Creating Triggers for ET’s 1:53:38 - UFO Interior Perspectives 1:59:50 - The Difference Between Man-Made and Extra Terra 2:11:02 - Separating Legitimacy from Fraudulent Claims 2:19:11 - Effects of Zero Point Energy on Industry 2:27:34 - WetWorx 2:32:11 - New Era for a New System 2:42:22 - Eisenhower and the Military Industrial Complex


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