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Don't Go Back To Sleep ~ The 7D Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Ones Of Light!

Many Of You Have Noticed That You Awaken Each Morning At The Exact Moment! Indeed, It Is Though You Are Being Prompted To Rise From Your Comfortable Bed And Visit With Someone! In Truth, This Is The Meaning Of Your Waves Of Unconscious Awareness Becoming Alert And Oriented To Your Surroundings.

Where Have You Been? Why Are You Awake Again As Others Sleep Soundly? Don't Go Back To Sleep! You Are On A Journey Of Light And Spirit Is Speaking To You!

You Have Traveled Through The Unseen Realms In Hours That You Slept. Deeper And Deeper As Relaxation Came, You Escaped The Duality Of Earth. You Found Solace As You Danced In The Ethers Of Beauty With Souls From A Higher State Of Consciousness. Your Psyche Entertained You With Fragments Of Songs, Places, Romance And Struggle. Your Soul Guided You To Distant Realms Forgotten To You While In Form In Your Current Waking Dream.

When You Wake Up From Sleep, You Have Explored The Cosmos And Visited Your Origin In Expanded Consciousness. Returning To The Moment Of Being In Your Life On Earth, You Forget The Dream Of Slumber And Begin Your Day Again.

But Wait. Know There Is So Much More Going On! Spirit Calls Out To You In The Relaxed State Of Your Mind. Before You Engage In Social Media, Before Watching A Video, BE STILL. Wait And Listen To The Silence Of Your Soul That Is Speaking Volumes To You In These Moments. This Is The Gift That Will Carry You Through Your Day. You Are Being Told How To Transcend All Obstacles To Spirit. You Are Being Loved By Higher Vibrational Beings. Indeed, There Are Angels And Light Beings Around You!

As You Wake Up And Notice That It Is Dark Outside, Take A Deep Breath And Say 'Good Morning' To Life And The Sacred Spirit That Created Everything! Begin Each Day With Communing With God Source As You Consciously Merge Your Being With This Magnificent Life Force Of Love!

What Does Communing With Spirit Bring To You? A Feeling Of Peace, Tranquility And Self-God-Actualization. This Is The Longing Of The Soul To Shine Forth In Your Identity As You Have Lived In The Higher Realms.

Taking Time To Honor Your Higher Self By Communing, Will Open Pathways Throughout The Day That Will Benefit You And Your Family. For Light Will Always Prevail Over Darkness And Meditation Allows Your Light To Be Felt By Others.

You Gather Gifts, Messages And Healing To The Cells Of Your Body As You Sleep. When You Awaken Each Morning, You Have The Opportunity To Remember All Aspects As You Commune With Spirit And Discover Your Place In This Magnificent Waking Dream!

You Are Indeed Dreaming Awake! How Wonderful To Know The Depths Of Communication That Spirit Offers! Awaken To Remember Who You Are! And When You Awaken From Slumber, Listen! Such A Gift Of Wonder And Love Will Meet You In The Early Morning! Don't Go Back To Sleep!


I Love You So!

Akatu of the 7D Pleiadian Collective.

Original Title, Don't Go Back To Sleep, Pleiadians of 7D Taygeta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @ FamilyofTaygeta on X


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