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Cosmic Light Update 11/14 ~ Venus Goes "Out of Bounds" ~ The Energies of Love and Adventure

Venus only goes "out of bounds" about once a year. Next time won't be until April 2020. When this event occurs, the Heart and the Mind are expanded.

The Energies for Love and Adventure is heightened.

During this Moment we are being reminded that Love is what is truly important in our lives, nothing else really matters. This is where the adventure comes in. During this time we may be urged to expand our horizons. We are being guided to share our Love with all others, and not be afraid of Adventure, or experiencing new things. Allow yourself to explore the unknown.


From November 13 to December 14, 2019, we will see Venus testing new waters as the planet goes “out of bounds”.

In astrology, when a planet goes out of bounds, this means it is traveling outside its normal territories. This makes us feel its powers more intensely.

Venus is the planet of feminity and love. Luxury, beauty, relationships, and self-care are her domains. As she moves out of bounds, we will be focusing on these themes now.

She also oversees matters of the heart as well as our finances. Venus travels through Sagittarius first and then closes the journey in Capricorn. Here is what we can expect from the out of bounds energy of Venus in the coming month:

Venus In Sagittarius

The out of bounds journey of Venus commences in the zodiac of Sagittarius from November 13th. This sign will make Venus adventurous. She will be seeking freedom to share, express, laugh and even fall in love. Finding something new and exciting to love is the agenda.

As Venus moves to uncharted territories, she is also inviting us to stretch our boundaries and seek new adventures. We can go for that daunting solo trip or find something exciting to learn. Even sharing our wisdom with those willing to listen will be encouraged during this period.

If you have been feeling stuck in a situation, this out of bounds energy is going to help you see things from new perspectives. A new outlook will help open up your mind and find new solutions to stagnant situations. Venus traveling through Sagittarius now tells us to seek new directions and go ahead. Venus will make sure we are headed down the right path.

Venus In Capricorn

November 25th sees the out of bounds Venus shift into the dominion of Capricorn. This will bring to focus our boundaries. The boundaries we have when it comes to various relationships and the ones around our hearts will be the focus till 14th December.

We have all gone through heartbreaks but that does not mean we are weak. Being able to feel this emotion so intensely is a strength.

You may feel all your efforts and love were in vain just because things did not go the way you hoped. But love is never in vain. Love shapes our world and the ways of love are not always visible to us immediately.

As Venus moves through the sign of Capricorn, take the time to reflect if you are being too protective of your heart. Are you being overly-cautious in the matters of love? It is important to keep an open mind and an open heart.

While Sagittarius expands our minds, Capricorn will expand our hearts. Even when you fear your heart might get broken, don’t hold back. Stretch the boundaries of love. It might seem too big a risk for you but it is worth it in the end.

What is the meaning of a life where there is no love? Go out of your comfort zone, seek new people and things to love, and love them unrestrained.

Out-of-bounds Venus will ask you to take better care of yourself during this phase. When you are expanding your heart and mind, you will come across things you are not happy about.

But it is important to keep exploring. And when you feel these feelings turning overwhelming, take some time out and concentrate on the self. Self-pampering is good for your soul.

Venus’ last out of bounds journey was in 2018 and the next trip will be in April 2020. Make the most of this energy now! (Source)


On November 13th until December 14th, 2019 the planet Venus will be stretching her limits and entering into territory that astrologers refer to as “out of bounds”.

When a planet is out of bounds, it travels outside of its normal range and we feel its energy enhanced and amplified. The qualities of the planet are also more easily expressed and therefore, become easier for us to tune into.

Venus emits vibrations of love and femininity. She is the planet associated with beauty, opulence, luxury, self-care, and relationships.

She also rules over money, profits, and what we need in order to open our hearts and feel loved as we move through the world.

Venus will be out of bounds in the sign of Sagittarius and Capricorn and these signs will flavor the energy we experience during this time.

Venus Out of Bounds in Sagittarius

Venus begins her out of bounds journey in the sign of Sagittarius. Here, Venus is all about adventure and freedom. The freedom to express, to share, to laugh, and to fall in love with something new, exciting, and different.

As out of bounds Venus stretches her wings to cover uncharted ground, we too are being called to venture out of our comfort zone into new territory.

Under this energy, we can welcome in the spirit of adventure and take that leap of faith to travel where we have never been before. Learning something new, finding a mentor, or even sharing your own wisdom is all favored under this energy.

If you are feeling stuck or if an area of your life has become stagnant, this energy guides us to look outside of what we know in order to find the answers we seek.

Sometimes trying new things or traveling to new places can free us up, open our perspective, and help us to see things we couldn’t before.

Out of bounds Venus in Sagittarius, wants us to aim our arrow in a new direction of our choosing, and to trust that it will land where it needs to.

Venus Out of Bounds in Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn on November 25th, and at this time our attention is going to turn to our boundaries. These are not just our boundaries in our relationships, but also the boundaries we may have built around our heart.

Love hurts sometimes, but that’s only because it means so much to us. To feel heartbreak is a sign that we were able to love deeply; that we were able to put our hearts out on the line, and that is always a beautiful thing.

No act of love is ever wasted, even if things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. All love serves a purpose, all love helps to change and shift the world in ways we can’t always fathom. (Source)


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