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WHAT IS AHEAD... for the Earth and Humanity ~ The Sirian High Council

Greetings, We are the Sirian High Council,

We are very happy to speak with you today.

This channel has come to us with a few questions, What is to be expected to occur for the Planet as she ascends, and what is Humanity to expect through this current ascension shift. We must state that this is the very first time a planet has been able to ascend with a Race present on her surface. Many planets have ascended throughout the cosmos. However, any races that may be present during an ascension of a planet, are living inside the planet, as it makes its transformation.

The Ascension Process is the Natural Evolution of Consciousness. Everything has consciousness, even every cell in your Body has its own form of consciousness, even though it is not aware of its purpose. Within each form a consciousness takes, it can become purified within that Form.

Everything within the Material Universe has A Higher Form or Purified State. Meaning that everything physically Ascends to a higher state of Being. For example, The coal within Earth, has a Purified Form of a Diamond. The Purified State of your Metal Lead... is Gold. The Purified State of Humans is to ascend out of the physical realms of this Universe and Into The Higher Stages of Light. The Early Alchemist in your history began to Master this Knowledge, But the truth was Quickly Hidden from Humanity. The Body form that a consciousness takes, also is ascended during the consciousness shift.

A Planets' ascension is much different, because of the diverse vibrations it can have living within and upon its surface. A Planet starts as part of the Very dense material realm, holding or carrying all the Lower Vibrations within many forms. This Heavy material existence, is only a journey for the most High of celestial Souls, and is a very Long Journey. Your Mother Earth is very special in that she has endured many cycles of Raising and falling within the vibrational Spectrum. Her Natural cycles allowed for her to taste the ascension, every 11 thousand of your Earth years. But then only giving her 2000 years at a time within the 4th density. This didn't allow for her to fully ascend into a 5th dimensional planet.

However, This is one of the many reasons that Humanity and the Earth has assistance, during these precious moments. A Divine Decree was put in place, to Help the Earth raise beyond the 4th and into the 5th density, to allow for the Earth and Humanities Ascension out of the Physical Realms of the Material Universe.

In These Moments, Your Mother Earth has moved out of the Vibrations of the 3rd Density and is now fully transcended into the 4th dimensional spectrum. Just as she has many times before. The fourth dimensional spectrum is still very diverse, with many different vibrations and realms. Many of you have had past lives living on Earth within the 4th density. Your Remembrance of the Elemental Kingdom Comes from those Memories. The 4th density is still part of the Physical material Universe. and therefore can still house physical dense Bodies. The Earth herself will continue to rise higher as she is prepared for the Transformation into a 5th density planet. Humanity as a Collective, in these moments, must make the jump from a 3rd dimensional reality into the 4th dimension. Many of you have already achieved this Jump and are now waiting on your fellow humans to follow in the process. Please have great patience for Them as they make this transformation. This Shift into the 4th density is just the First stage of your ascension, Humanity will be Rising with the Earth into the 5th, which means you will be transforming from your dense carbon Based form, into a Light body of crystalline form. This will not occur until The grand event takes place. The Grand Event will bring the Light Needed to Transfer The Earth and Humanity into their Higher, Purified Form.

The First steps into the 4th dimensional consciousness, is what the focus is of Now. Many of you are Raising Higher in vibration, through your conscious effort to express Love in these Moments. As you express Love and compassion for your Fellow Humans, you are raising the collective out of the 3D Matrix Mindset, and out of the Dense vibrations of the 3rd Dimension. Everything is becoming Lighter. Less Dense and less heavy. You may even feel lighter physically as you transform into your 4th dimensional physical forms. You will not necessarily see physical changes in your bodies, but you will feel it.

Your Mother Earth will continue to transform herself as she cleanses and shifts into her new body. Humanity too is experiencing these shifts. and will continue to transform into their higher state of consciousness and form. Things are moving as by Divine Order, and Divine Timing. As you personally make the choice to raise in the Light, and to ascend, The Transformation Begins.

What is ahead for the Earth and Humanity? Lots of Transformation. The More at peace and Oneness you can become, the easier this process. Your Personal Vibrations Matter. Your personal Ascension into a Higher Consciousness, is what transforms everything. You are making the difference for Earth and your Human Family, by intentionally raising yourselves, and by holding and anchoring the Light, for Your Mother Earth.

We Love you, and celebrate your Return to Oneness.

We are the Sirian High Council

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