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A Shift... within A Shift... within A Shift... ~ Saint Germain

Greetings my dearly beloved friends, this is Saint Germain coming through. With pride and with so much love for your Being, I step forward with the most loving and best intentions to hearten all of you. and to encourage you so that you can brace yourselves for the present very challenging moments and processes that are now in front of you.

Nearly 11 years has passed in your Earthly time with regards to the evolution of the Global Ascension since the milestone of the December alignment in 2012.

Can you see how fast this time has elapsed? A day seems like a week in earthly timing; it is just that fast that everything evolves in your reality. Furthermore you comprehend equally fast what is going on in your Earthly reality with the best possibilities at your disposal.

My dearest friends, my brothers and sisters, I am truly pleased with your progression that you all attain in your own personal living conditions and in the heart of your Being. We are now entering a time of much turbulence where you will be shaken to your very core, as a figure of speech, but nonetheless that’s how it will feel. I sense the pains, the emotions, the stumbling blocks and the blockades raging inside of you like a whirlwind that leaves nothing untouched in your inner world nor in your outer world.

Allow me to delve deeper into this subject and to give you some clarity as to the meaning of it all and to show you the direction you have all taken. As a collective unit you have chosen to perform a thorough and all-embracing cleansing because the Earthly domains were still dwelling in a rather impure state, still harboring karmic energies within the world of the Lightworkers as well as in the collective unit in the lower dualistic domains.

This desire for a thorough and intense cleansing and clearance is your creation. and has therefore become a Divine Plan to assist you and Gaia even more in the breaking out of the very last dualistic shapes and dito vibrations.

I am going to delve deeper especially in the fact that the collective unit of humanity is still too clinging to the truth as provided by the alter ego and to the corresponding emotions. It is a whirlwind of confrontations and a clearing of them that comes your way in the guise of an opportunity to truly see this within yourself, to truly accept it as a part of yourself and to completely reverse it to the Divine Self of the Light through this process. The afore-mentioned “Divine Self of the Light” is your Divine Self that always communicates through the heart.

Whenever someone communicates through the heart to no matter who, including the Self, it will be done in an unconditional and most respectable way. No distinction is made between right or wrong, between good or evil. Everything is a form of expression and is a perception which is absolutely respected and accepted for its own essence.

View this tough phase in which you now find yourselves as an enormous gift. and as an opportunity to get everything pertaining to yourself in a balanced state and to embrace everything in the love that you are.

In order to gain a balanced state you have to accept yourself completely including all parts of your essence no matter how dark some part of yourself may be : it is all you!!

I would really like to stress this fact because you so often think that the ego and the dark aspects of your being have to be eliminated. However, in truth it is way better to accept them unconditionally as a part of yourself. Doing so you can restore your balanced state and hence you can function as a balanced polarity, reflecting the zero point or the neutrality.

The solar eclipse has everything to do with this : it gives an extra impulse pushing you to your own inner self whether you want to or not. You are led to face the facts on what you are involved in and on what should be your focus. Trivialities turn into really unbearable situations enticing you to just give up; it really looks like you are not spared from the harsh lessons of life.

My dear friends, nothing is too hard or too heavy for you to bear because you just attract exactly that which you can cope with, nothing more and nothing less…

in all cases it is always exactly what you need to lead you where you ought to be : everything is created from your I AM Presence.

Do not forget that your I AM Presence is presently in the process of descending into your reality and into your embodiment. Therefore, nothing impure may remain in you lest your I AM Presence cannot fully descent. The supremacy of the alter ego can no longer take the lead in this process of merging with your essential I.

So look at this tough time as a blessing and as a gift to discard everything that is no longer needed. It is no longer a question of willing but of having to discard and release. The time of the reign of the alter ego is over and done with, it’s that simple.

The incoming energies are going to strengthen everything and are helping you to shift to the degree in which you want to be. It is a shift within a shift within a shift. It is the big event now unfolding within your reality : I am referring to the embodying of your I AM Presence and the exile of your alter ego; I am also referring to the cutting of all the strings that still keep you attached to the one sided point of view and to the old familiar ways of being. Release all limitations, all old limiting contracts, family patterns, genetic lineages and old connections.

Have faith, release, care for each other, love one another, relax, breathe deeply in and out, ground yourself, keep your focus and your positive intentions, accept, be unconditionally open for everything that comes your way, do not judge but rather go with the flow without any convictions, with no expectations, with no delineations. Just be as an observer from a neutral point of view and remain quiet in your own cocoon which will lead you through all the upheavals or the possible chaos to a place of safety and comfort. The less you struggle the smoother it will all unfold.

Remember that there is no separation; everything you conceive of as separation will disconnect you with Reality.

As a human being you are inclined to think too much, you search for reasons behind everything that happens, you want to be accepted, acknowledged and convinced, you have your beliefs. My dear friends, dare to BE and to KNOW. Communication and change happen first from within, a fact that you have understood, seen and comprehended by now. That’s the reason for the great cleansing for all of humanity which will leave nobody unaffected.

as everybody, litterally every living organism, will be affected for there is no other way to arrive at where you want to be and that is “home”. Your home, your BEING, your heart. That is where it all lies and that is what you are!

This communication that I share with all of you comes straight from my heart, my Being, my energy. It is my purpose to be clear, without mincing, for you are entitled to clarity and to guidance.

You are all in my heart, unconditionally and without any reservations!

I ask of you to call on me or on the Ascended Masters whenever things get too tough, we will assist you out of the unconditional love we feel for you.

It is you who have to do the work. but with a helping hand by clarifying your heart intentions and calling on us you will go further in a supportive and easier way than by being stubborn and by struggling with yourself.

Do not be too proud to ask for help to no matter who, for it is very important to be there for each other in these most trying of times. You are going through this as a collective unit and whenever you help and assist another in his/her quest you help yourself in the heart.

Be well, Masters of Ascension, I feel absolutely blessed with such brothers and sisters; I admire your tenacity and your tolerance, your understanding and your love for each other. for let me tell you that you have chosen this process because of the love you feel for each other and for yourself. Everybody wants to see each living soul evolve in his/her Ascension process and that’s why you made the choice to arrive at a collective change and dito enlightenment. You are all wondrous Masters and it truly is an honour to cooperate with all of you.

In Light and Love. I AM Saint Germain.

Original Title, Shift within a shift, within a shift... Elaboration from Saint Germain.

Channeled By Méline Portia Lafont, at


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