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Your Energy Eminates Through the Entire Universe ~ Kwan Yin

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I AM KWAN YIN!

I come with a heart full of joy, and I bring a lot of Love and a lot of Light to the heart of those who listen to me at this moment.

This is a painful time for many. This is a moment of joy for many. What is right and what is wrong? Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Everything is what it has to be. Pain is not punishment. Suffering is not the result of the wrath of Father/Mother God. Every pain, every suffering, is the result of something emanating.

All energy emanated by a being, at any point in the universe, belongs to him. And this energy circulates in the universe. How far will she go? There is no right destination, often. And when there is no right destination, she wanders through the universe. But it continues to belong to whoever emanated it. But one day she returns, because she knows who gave birth to her; she knows who created her. And it may return many times, enhanced, increased, because when it was emanated, there was also an element that made it grow, which was the feeling. And it comes back, returns exactly to whoever emanated it.

And then, pain can come, suffering can come, where you often don't understand why. But one day, on your soul journey, you emanated that energy, it belongs to you; and nothing in the universe simply disappears. Everything needs to be transmuted, into Love and Light. So this energy that you emanated needs to be worked on, transmuted by yourself, into Love and Light.

It is like? Observing the energy, what it brings; looking at her with affection, with acceptance. It doesn't matter what she brought you. She brought you pain, she brought you suffering, face it in the same way, with Love. And by looking at this energy with Love, living what it brought and learning that lesson, it transmutes it into Love and Light. And that energy will be abundant in the universe and will be abundant on your journey, because Love and Light always add up. It will never need to be transmuted again.

There is another point, where you emanate this energy against someone. In the same way, it will circulate in the universe, but part of it remains with the person you directed the energy to. Then you will have 2 actions to receive back: the one that wandered around the universe and the one you emanated against someone; and with an aggravating factor, if that someone is aware that you emanated this energy, it will come coupled with their energy against you. Or maybe forgiveness. Who knows?

And the whole process starts over again. You will have to look at this energy with Love, but ask for forgiveness for the harm that someone else caused. Of course, I'm not talking about good feelings here. I'm talking here about bad feelings that you emanate all the time. And they emanate against people. Because they talk about them, they criticize, they judge people. They feel they have the right to talk about them, to spread the word about them. This is not good energy. It will come back against you, someday, some time.

Why am I saying all this? Because the great wisdom at this moment is to accept each challenge; It's about accepting every difficult moment that comes your way. There it is just a return, it is not a punishment, it is nothing that is coming to literally attack you. That's yours. It may be accompanied by other energies from other people, but it is also the time to look at them and forgive. Forgive the energy they are throwing at you and ask for forgiveness for the energy you released.

Many find this process difficult. No, it's not. The request for forgiveness has to be from heart to heart. So all you need to do is think about the person, look into their heart, and ask for forgiveness, or forgive. That person will know what you did. That person will feel your request or your forgiveness. It doesn't have to be face to face, eye to eye. Because when you are face to face, forgiveness hardly happens, because when you look at the person, everything comes back, everything is reborn; and you need to have a lot of strength and a lot of Love involved to be able to release all this energy. But when it is done from heart to heart, it is more powerful than ever. And there is no involvement of the mind, there is only the heart, which is the strongest connection that unites two beings. Whether human or not.

So, my brothers, there is much pain on your planet; there is. But each pain is being experienced by the one who emanated it one day. And she's coming back, giving him the chance to look at her, and understand that there's just a lesson there, not a punishment. It's something he needs to learn and understand. And that will be transmuted into Love and Light.

My brothers, accept that your souls are old, they are ancient, and they have already made many mistakes. How many mistakes have you made in this life? Then disappear to all the others from other lives.

Lives, many, without conscience, lives lived in darkness. lives lived in evil, in lovelessness. The bill has arrived, my brothers. To ascend, you need to be clean. You need to learn all the lessons.

And if everything is arriving at the same time, be patient. Keep looking with Love. It's a sign that your lesson is being a little more difficult than others. But never forget: God, Father/Mother never teaches you a lesson that you cannot understand and fulfill. Because He is infinite Love. All He wants is for you to learn and become a beautiful and Loving being that He created.

Accept your pains, your sufferings. But most of all, look at them. Accept what they bring, because they bring a message. They bring the reason that you ask so much. And how do you find out why? Opening your heart, and accepting that lesson with Love. In this moment, of this acceptance, a movie plays in your mind, and you will be able to understand why. And most importantly, you will be able to know how to solve that lesson.

But in all that I said, there is an important point. Each of us can help you. No, not to go through the lesson, but to understand it. To achieve it, to understand it, to be able to learn it. Always count on us, any of us. There is no dispute. There is no such thing between us. We are all Unconditional Love. And we are eager, hoping that one of you will ask for our help. Always, at any time, in any situation. Don't forget that.

Call us anytime. At any time. And rest assured, we will open your heart, so that you can understand your lesson. And, most importantly, easily find its result.

Kwan Yin

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