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You Are The Chosen ~ Saint Germain

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, to you especially, those of you on this call, and those of you that resonate to these words, and those listening or reading later.

Know that I am speaking to each and every one of you now. For you are the ones. You are the ones that came here to be this ascension process. To move this ascension process forward. Without all of you, the Lightworkers and Light-Warriors, without you, the Boots on the Ground, there would be no mass ascension.

But know that you are the ones that are paving the way. Just as John the Baptist paved the way for the Messiah to come those two thousand years ago. You are the ones that are paving the way for those that follow after you through this ascension process. You are the ones that are carrying the Christ Consciousness forward. And as you carry the Christ Consciousness forward, those that come after you can also take on the Christ Consciousness. For it is not for only one, it is for all. All to realize. All to remember and understand, and to be.

You are in these moments right now, moving through this transition, and moving through this ascension process. all of you to be in that first wave of ascension, which is, indeed, at this time fast approaching.

Yes, indeed, there will be some rough times still ahead. But you have been preparing for this time. You have been prepared to make it through these times.

It is not for you to fall back ever again. Until such a time that you will choose once again find yourself in this situation again on another planet, another system, whatever is called for. For you will indeed choose to volunteer again. Because as you have heard many times, that’s who you are, each and every one of you. Can you choose to not do that? Yes. It will be up to you. But as you have heard, many of you will turn right back around again after a period of rest and relaxation, after a time of fully remembering who you are, and being able to bask in that new light of truth. After a time, you will likely choose to move again to help another system to go through another system-busting experience. But that time is not now.

The time now is for you to move through this experience. To move through this part of your journey, and to continue to allow everything to move along at its pace, whatever that might be. Whatever that might be within your life right now, know that it is only a moment. A moment.

And in each and every moment, everything changes the next moment. You have to remember that. It is all about your intention. Your intention and allowing for the process, the ascension process to move through you, however that might be. Whatever form it might take for you, that part of your journey.

Only you can live that journey. No one can live it for you. It is your journey. You are all about that journey, and about, moving about your Father’s business. moving through your mission, whatever that might be, and whatever form that might take, as you continue to move along through this transition.

Everything, everything is right there now in front of you. Simply find yourself more and more raising your vibrations, keeping your vibrations high–higher, and higher, and higher. And stay out of the low vibrations as much as you possibly can.

But know that as light attracts light, you will be attracting to yourselves a like vibration to whatever you are in, and therefore you are in the higher vibrations and you will attract others who are also in that higher vibration. Until such a time as you will move into those higher vibrations, and then you will attract others. The light attracts the moths to that light.

You will be that attraction. Just as Yeshua was the attraction to all of those who were ready to follow him, and follow his mission, and follow his words. This is your mission now. Go about it in peace and love.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you will continue to hold that vibration that you reach in this meditation in this self. For the I Am Presence is right there within all of you, whether you are aware of it or not.

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