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You Are Being Called Into Action ~ The Arcturian Council

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are listening to all of your requests, and we spend quite a bit of our focus on determining which of those requests to answer first. In other words, we have to determine what you are ready for and what you are not, based on our observations, based on what we have come to know about humanity.

But lately the requests that we have been getting from all of you revolve mostly around living in a world that is peaceful and around living in a world where people can prosper, where people can live harmoniously and thrive. And we see all of these requests as a reflection of how well you are doing as a human collective.

We do not see as many requests for massive amounts of wealth, power, and positions of authority, because those of you who are awake and are addressing us know those are the hollow paths. They are the paths with no substance.

You have all come to know that what you are doing there is far greater than living a perfect life in third-dimensional terms. You are there to grow, expand, evolve, and help others to do the same. You are there to eventually ascend, and we are here to help.

We are helping right now by working with the Earth’s gridlines.

There is a lot that still needs to be brought into the physical Earth environment, and there is a lot that needs to be healed, released, forgiven, and so on, and there are those of you who are quite aware of these needs, and you are opening yourselves up to us and to the help that we can provide, and we appreciate that so much.

We want you to know that you are on our radar, and those of you who have volunteered to be our ground crew are being called into action.

We see how your guides help to open up your crowns to give your bodies the upgrades that they need. so that you can be those wonderful conduits, and help all of humanity. by anchoring in the energies that are needed to help all there on Earth to live in peace, prosperity, and to thrive freely in whatever pursuits they want to take part in.

This is a pivotal time for humanity, and we see the Awakened Collective stepping up to be those grid-workers that you were born to be, and we also see that by doing so, you connect with one another, you anchor in more for yourselves, and you go beyond where you have ever been before in a physical life there on Earth.

The rewards are immediate, and they are many, and this grid-work doesn’t have to be work.

This is meant to be fun, joyful, playful, and you are all leading the way with your hearts wide open, with your heads held high, and with your thoughts on co-creating the new Earth, one that creates the space for everyone to be able to live lives of freedom, joy, and excitement.

This is the new age that you have been promised, and this is the time and the way you are all making it happen.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Original Title, The Awakened Collective, Grid-Workers & Ground Crew.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council.

Channeled by Daniel Scranton at


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