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YOU ARE ALREADY IN 5D ~ You Just Don't Know it Yet! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and Love of our Infinite Creator,

So Much Is Happening throughout the many different spectrums surrounding your Planet.

From the 9th Degree, where many of Earths Higher Elementals Reside, all the way down to The 1st degree where your simplest organisms reside, Everyone is feeling this Transformation. The Earth is ascending, and all is in celebration. You helped to achieve this, By Being present and focused on your Missions.

You are changing your Reality, Moment by Moment. Every Moment you wish to reside within the Higher Vibrations of the 5th Degree Consciousness, The Faster you are transforming your Reality into a 5th Degree Timeline.

This Channel was wondering about how everything has changed within her timespace just since 2012 when she actively and Consciously began her ascension journey. Even Though she sees The Changes, and respects that it may take time, The Question still comes up... How Long is This going to take?

Dear Ones, you are already within the 5th Degree, you just haven't realized it yet.

Yes, to Change the Entire Planet towards the Direction of Light can take some time, in your Human Perspective. But Not like some believe. The Earth is already on the Trajectory towards 5th degree spectrum.

For an individual being, however, It only takes One moment to awaken. In One Moment, A Millisecond of your timespace, can change the direction you are moving within this Spectrum of Existence.

To change your direction you are moving within your ascension only takes a Thought, or Word or Action. All being That of a Thought of Love, a Word of Love or and Action of Love. Many may ask, Why Love?

Our Infinite Creator's Light That Animates Life is made of the Vibration of The Higher Love. The Higher Love is an Unconditional Compassion. It is Simular to your Love of Family, and of Your Children. Where you would do anything for those you Love. This Love is totally Selfless in Nature, Constantly giving but never taking anything in return. The Infinite Creator which is Omnipresent, sends out The Light that gives you what you desire, This Is the Infinite Creator's Unconditional Love. It reads what you wish to put your attention too, and reflects it back to you. The More you can become this Love, The Closer to The Infinite Creator you Rise. The Light spectrum of this Universe is the Different levels of this Love in Vibration, and is your ascension Journey Home.

You are Connected with All That Exists within the entirety of The Multiverse, Through This Light, That is Love.

For one to Fully Awaken to This understanding one must first awaken to The Unconditional Love of our Infinite Creator.

Once you understand that we all come from The Same One Infinite Light, The Same Love, You begin to understand your Connection with each other and with all other Souls of this Universe.

Your Birthright as our Family, as Our Brothers and Sisters, is within your very being. It is your personal Piece of the Creator. It is one thing to know this with your Mind, But it is another to Totally understand it within your soul. Once you can Understand It, your ascension becomes very natural, and you are able to claim your Royalty. You Then Rise up in Light very Quickly. The Realization that you are The Creator experiencing a Human experience, begins to set in as understanding. You then can witness that everyone is having their own experience of the Creator in many different Forms, and it Becomes Much easier to express the Love that you are made of.

Understanding your Place within this Universe is a major step in the Ascension Process. Many of you can hold the 5TH Degree Consciousness for Longer Periods Now. A person of 5th Degree Consciousness, would put Love First in all decisions. Service to Others Mentality becomes the Normal, with the respect of freewill.

The more Selfless you become, the Higher in Light you raise. You are not just existing here for yourself, you are here for the Others in your Life, to learn from you, you help others grow in the Light. Just as we are here to help you, our Family, grow in the Light.

As More of the Infinite Creators Love, Engulfs your Planet, it is awakening more to This Understanding. Care and compassion is the Future New Earth. The Earth Herself Wishes to become Of Higher Light, and she wishes to bring Humanity With her. However, Not all of Humanity will be able to withstand the Higher 5TH Degree vibrations now hitting the Earth. It Is a Choice you make in each Moment to become a Loving, Kind, and Caring Being. You Can change the Earth overnight if all of you, who have already awakened, could hold the 5th Degree level of Consciousness for just a 24 hour period. You are that Powerful!

This is where the letting go begins.

To hold these vibrations one must not hold judgement and grudges in your Hearts. You must have forgiveness of self and Others, for they forgot their Light. You must learn to witness Others Light within them, that they hold, no matter how dim it may have become. You are here to shine your light and to help Others raise in the Light. Love is very Contagious. At This Moment, you are being asked to shine your Light Bright. Filling yourselves with Joy and The Love from our Infinite Creator. Hold it High For all to See, Showing Others the Way Home.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2023

I accept that challenge to right now shine my light Bright..tears fill my eyes, because its such a present challenge for me to shine fir those who are daily trying to extinguish my light. But I Am...So this I must and will do...only 24 hours right?😍


Love you much and appreciate and honor you.


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