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Who Are The Galactic Federation?

Who are the Galactic Federation?

Blessings Dear family of Light,

There is big controversy within the LightWorker communities involving the Galactic Federation. Some believe that the Galactic Federation could be the Workers for The Dark. I have begin to see this happening recently. So I have asked to be shown truth through Divine Light, this is what I have been given.

Yes, There is a Group out there that is intentionally Misleading Contactees in these moments, to believe they are being contacted by Higher Light Beings. When in fact, its quite the opposite. The Problem we have come across is, Contactees' do not know any different when being contacted or in some cases "Rescued" or 'Chosen" to be a Channel. They assume that the Being is of the Light, maybe because they helped them or seem Loving. Most are just excited about the contact, and have no discernment of what is taking place. In many cases it happens as a child, or because of another extraterrestrial event happening like an abduction. The Problem is, these beings that are connecting with some humans, are not of any higher than lower 4th dimension. The way you can tell is by what they say in the channels or by what they claim to have done or are doing in these moments. You must understand that these Humans maybe trying to work for the Light, but are being misled by other entities with there own agenda. This particular Group is calling themselves the Galactic Federation, But are actually Not who they say they are. These beings may well be a Policing Group for the area, Maybe even our own Military, using mind control, and Quantum Technology to send the "God Voice". Which we have known about for years, But so many seem to have forgotten about. There is One way you can tell for sure. If they are involved in violence of any sort that intentionally Kills other beings, sorry, They are NOT of HIGHER LIGHT.

However, Never Fear, There is a Higher Galactic Federation of "Light", a Real One, That is part of the Higher Councils of "Light". How you can tell the difference, with the channeling, is the Galactic federation of "Light", Does not impose on freewill, and will not "Kill" another being to impose there point of view, or to rescue or save another being. They have far superior Higher Light Power which is light technology, that they literally can freeze a being in spot, or stop the Weapons of Other beings, No need to Kill anything. Killing would be against Universal Law, and would Cause them personal Karma, that they would need to Clear, therefore they cannot do a negative act of violence. In their point of View, All Beings have the right to life, and freewill in this Freewill Universe. However, They have been called Lately to intervene for the Light. But they Personally will not receive Karma from their actions. They will use the Light itself to remove the darkness Through the Natural way of celestial events and the allowing of Mother Earths transformation. The Light itself removes all darkness just by its presence.

Understand The Higher Light will step in to help you, But you will not necessarily know that it was them. They will not want to impose on your consciousness to believe in certain ways. So, in most cases, You personally may not get a loud voice in your ear telling you what to do, where to go, or what to eat. They may suggest that you do certain things if you wish to be a contactee' that is a Physical vehicle or rather that of a Telepathic communication, or Scripting. But they do not enforce anything, on you. You must be the one to raise to the Higher Light.

By Being a Professional Paranormal Investigator, I learned very quickly that there are many different vibrational beings that is within the Unseen.

I chose to protect myself, by not allowing Lower vibrational beings to enter my field. This was due to a Lower vibrational contact that tried to fool me into thinking it was of the Higher Light. This happened back in 2013, during a very low period of my Life. It immediately tried to separate me from my Family and Loved Ones. It tried to control my way of thinking, by putting thoughts of a negative nature in my mind, against others. I begin to see that this entity was Not of Higher Light, because of things it would say. I seen what it was doing by trying to trick me, and stopped contact, and begin to really watch what was happening to me. From that moment on I put a call to my higher-self to only allow for Higher Vibrational Entities to contact me. This was a releasing of any contracts that I may have been a part of in past Lives. Also This Put a Block or wall of protection up and activated my Freewill of sovereignty. This Stopped all contact from anything of Low vibration, that my higher-self has not seen to be of Light.

When you get contacted by other worldly beings, always remember that Your personal vibration is Very important in the moment of contact. If you are Lower vibration when you are being contacted you are not being contacted by Higher Light. Plus Higher Light does not just pop in, or impose on your freewill in anyway. You can ask for the Contact But you must raise to the Higher Light to receive it. Your vibration is of Great importance, during any moment of communication with the Unseen. There is Darkness that is trying to trick those who are not in Higher vibrations. For example, if you receive a ET message after getting drunk on alcohol, it wasn't a Positive Contact. This needed to be said in these Moments. Many maybe vegan, or practice yoga and do all the right things, but something as simple as a Beer can bring your vibration too low to be able to channel Higher vibrational beings. What happens is, other entities who are of lower vibrations connect to you instead, and pretend to be someone or something they are not. In Many cases, it becomes a Loyalty thing, where they make you believe everything they say. This is happening with many who are lost in the Political agenda Channeling. This is a form of Programing their Contactee, so they don't Question what they are being told. This is happening throughout the Lightworker communities. If you see that a channel believes only what they are told by their contact, they may very well be being controlled. Remember to question everything. Especially when someone is channeling a narrative that is just not happening the way they claim its supposed to. This is the Dark trying to Mislead them, and Others by trickery. However, if the channel is of Pure Light, and speaks of Peace, and Abundance for all, and does not Talk of wars and violence, and different agendas, but only refers to Love, and The Higher Understanding of Oneness, then it is of the Higher Light. A being of the Light can Not inflict ANY HARM to ANYONE. PERIOD. So if you are being contacted by a being and you notice that the being is saying or doing something that is not of pure Love and kindness, it is not a higher Light Being. Period. The Higher Light Beings only have weapons that neutralize other weapons or neutralize a being trying to cause harm, they do not intentionally KILL anything. Period. The Being that acts in violence towards other beings are not of Higher dimensions and are tricking "their" Humans into thinking that they are of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Higher vibrational beings are invisible to lower vibrational entities, because of the Spectrum of Light that they reside within, and can move freely amongst us. They are our Angels and Guides. They are not some Star-wars version, ET shooting Lasers and killing other ET's. These beings are not of Higher Light and is part of the 3D universe. The Higher dimensions are only of Peace and Higher Understanding. Yes, my Family, there is a Difference in Extraterrestrial and multidimensional communication, Many in these moments are only connected to Lower vibrational Entities, posing as the Higher Light. It's up to you, to decide which ones are of the true Light, Only you can have that discernment for truth. You must stop and think which Agenda you are following by believing in certain narratives. Are the Channels you are listening to reflecting Love and Light or, Separation and violence? Remember that the True Light can not cause Harm to others. Only the Light itself can be the one doing the vanquishing, or removing of the darkness. This can be brought about by celestial events and other natural occurrences. We must remember that this Universe is a Living being in itself, as with the consciousness of the Planet herself, all will happen through the Divine Light. The Source is conscious of the Darkness and will remove it, by it's pure Infinite Loving Light.

and so it is,and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light by Chellea @


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