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What is of Light... and What is Not ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

As the Earth moves higher in Light, many are experiencing shifts, and jumps, back and forth, between the 4th and 5th degree spectrums. Some are experiencing mood swings and emotional releases and then all at once, you experience peace. One moment your ego is fighting to keep control, while the next moment you relish in the Beauty of Love. Relax and breathe... Soon there will only be Love. as the negative dissolves and is transformed throughout your world, you will begin to witness the great changes and the crumbling of the False control matrix.

Which was set up by the dark ones in your ancient times, to keep their control over humanity. Within this matrix, is the foundation of religion, politics, and cultural separation. You are witnessing its fall in these moments. Those who wish to keep control, are fighting to keep their lies going.

Religions were set up with partial truth, and with full intention to separate and confuse. Politics is a game of never ending disagreement and conflict. While your media creates Cultural separation, which fuels the hate. The Dark used these foundations to keep humanity separated and in fear.

Those who wish to control, can not control those who are awakened. Those who are awakened see through the dark lies.

The Dark ones fear Humanities power as a collective. They fear the moment when humanity will finally say... enough! ... Humanity must be the ones, to say no more, No more control, no more war, and no more lies. It starts within each of you. You must make the choice of Love for yourself.

Each one of you make the choice where you wish to be vibrationally, in every moment. More of you are able to hold the 5th Degree vibrations for a much longer period, allowing for the changes to happen in your personal world at a much faster pace. And as you change your world around you, you are enhancing and raising the vibrations for all those around you. You are actively helping those around you, maintain the higher Love vibrations.

For those who choose fear, These vibrations will be very intense for them. They may even lash out at you, fighting against, the higher Light you are projecting. In those moments, step back and regain your center. Not allowing for a reaction, and only responding in Love. Your response, in Love, changes the Vibration of the interaction. Allowing the Other person to reflect on their own vibration, and also showing that individual a Higher perspective.

There is so much happening on your Earth, and there are many people confused on what is the Light and what is Not. This even goes as far as the channeled messages that are now surfacing.

It is very simple to detect a True Channeling from the Higher degrees of Light, compared to channeling from lower vibrational entities or those who wish to deceive.

Lower vibrational beings or Those who wish to deceive will project 3rd degree consciousness or concepts within the Channel. For example, any channeling that is backing war, religion or politics, is still in separation. They are not in Unity consciousness, or what is known as Oneness.

They will project taking sides within a chosen narrative, or pro ject things not based in the Love Vibration.

If a Channel is telling you to leave those you love because they are not of Light. Or, is telling you to accept a 3d concept of separation, through religious or a political idea or cultural nature. It is not truth...

You are, however, naturally going through a split in your reality, where there are different paths that humanity is taking. One is heading toward the Higher degree of Light while the other is for those who are not yet ready for the ascension. This is not a separation, but a veil within the different levels of the vibration of Love. it is all in divine order, for all souls to advance spiritually, when they are ready. It is freewill. However, the separation we are referring to is that of the perspective, that you must back this side or that side, or have a specific religious ideology or political stance. These concepts within a channeled message, are not of the Light.

There is no religion, politics, or cultural hate, in the Higher realms, there is no separation in the higher realms and there is no conflict, or competition in the Higher realms. The Elders are chosen by Their levels or degrees of spiritual understanding within the collectives. This is done throughout all spiritually advanced cultures throughout the multiverse.

This channel that we are speaking through, tries and scan the material she posts, as to not share negative sort of content. But always hold discernment on everything you read or hear. Always return to your center, to your God Spark, to your Light. This is your truth. Nothing that the 3D world gave you was real. Only your Inner knowing is truth. If a message resonates with your soul, its your truth. If it resonates with your ego, and is of separation, it is not. As stated before, the ego mind is a deceiver, it makes you believe that you need, the vibrations of fear, such as anger, hate, or selfishness. And that these vibrations are justified. Even though in that moment you feel that it is your truth, It is not.

Your truth lies within the Heart space. Within your heart, only Love resides. So only Love can resonate. Many wish to use their ego as the discernment, when it's the Heart that holds your true discernment. As you raise higher in consciousness your understanding of the difference will become more clear.

Love is the only way to discern truth. If it is not of Love, it is Not of The Light. It is that simple. Many of you are now trying to channel for yourselves, but some are afraid of what they may receive as a message, Because of not knowing what is Light, and what is not.

We wish for this to help release that fear, and give you a clear channel, a message of true Love and Light. We and your Star Families look forward to connecting with all of you.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.

Channeled By Chellea at


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