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We Have Always Been Here~ Danu, The Elven Queen

Greetings My Beautiful Earth Family,

My Name is Danu, of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Lady of Light. We are The Daoine Sidhe, Some may know us as The Shining Ones.

You will remember our Race from your Ancient Elven Lore. We are the Elves of your ancient tales. We once resided in the places you know as Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. You can still see our ancient Presence to this day in those areas. I am greatly honored to be with you in these moments. It's been a very long time.

We The Elven Race, once walked amongst Humans peacefully and equally in Earths early period. But soon Man was infiltrated with Darkness, causing us to retreat underground, into The Inner Earth.

The Elven Race is the Oldest known Race of the Universe. We range from 4th dimensional Consciousness to the 11th Spectrum. Which stand Next to the Great Angels of Creation, and work closely with them in the development of the spiritual Universe.

We, are who are considered as the firstborn, of all of The Children, of the Great Goddess, Queen of this Universe. We inhabit many stars systems including the Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, and many others.

We originated as the first race of many, in the Sirius star system. We came to Earth many thousands of years ago in your earthly timelines.

Earth was the most beautiful of all planets that we had seen. she floated as a crystal blue ball of light.

We joined many other species on the Earth surface, who had also found this Jewel in the heavens. Some of those races were Positive, but many were not. However, we managed to live somewhat peacefully for many centuries. but soon a darkness took over the Human Race.

We had many different species with us that we began to protect against the fast growing darkness that was invading the Earth Mother. Such as the fairy folk, gnomes, hobbits, dwarves and many others. We soon realized that we must also protect the Earth, from the invading darkness. But in those times the Earth was falling into a deep sleep, and the Darkness prevailed. This caused the Higher vibrational species, such as Elves, Faery, and Gnomes, to leave the surface of the Planet and go underground, into the inner Earth. Where most still thrive in the Light to this day.

Now that the Earth Mother has awakened, she will be returning to her higher dimensional self.

This is causing an awakening of Humans on the Earth surface. This is an exciting event for us as we have waited a very long time for your emergence from the Darkness. We have been helping the Earth Mother to raise her core frequency, allowing for humanity to rise out of the darkness that has kept them imprisoned for a very long time. We anticipate the day when we can walk beside humans once again.

The many species of your ancient past, who are of the 4th to the 6th dimensional spectrums, still inhabit the inner Earth Caverns and Caves, waiting for the moment that they can emerge to the surface and enjoy Life with Humans Once again. But many are concerned of the Humans reactions to them, so they will stay hidden until you are ready to see them.

Faeries are lovely multidimensional magical beings that can create beauty even in the darkest places. They enjoy making others happy and are always playful. They reside within the higher 5th and 6th spectrum. Gnomes and Brownies are very busy, but peaceful and quiet, going about their daily lives. they reside within the 4th and 5th dimensions of Consciousness. And Dwarves and hobbits shouldn't have any problems fitting in. They are at the level of 4th spectrum consciousness and are also ascending into a 5th density awareness.

All of these beings are anxious to enjoy the Earth Surface Freely once again without being harmed or pursued as in your Early Christian History. The Elves However are already preparing to reunite with their many family members still playing human roles. Soon, many of you will learn that we are your ancestors. We are your Family. The Elven Bloodlines are still growing more and more, uniting and merging with the Human species. The Elf and Humans were once very connected. many of your ancestors were of the Elven Race. This has allowed for our Elven Family to choose to incarnate as Humans to enhance their ascension at a much more accelerated pace.

The Ascended Masters of The Elven Species have evolved to the 11th density, allowing for them to assist others in their ascension process. So we have assisted many species out of the Darkness, throughout our existence. Humans too will be raised in the Light. Humans have been greatly deceived into thinking they are alone on this Planet.

Your stories and Myths tell a magical Tale of who we once were. That Magic is still with us. Many Higher Vibrational beings of Love and Light are patiently waiting to reunite with you in love.

Our Families from The Sirius Star System, are here now also to witness this grand event. We have always Been Here. Waiting for the Moment when Humans are Ready to be with us once again. We have missed you, and we Love you.

I am Danu, of The Tuatha Dé Danann, The Lady of Light.

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