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We Cannot Wait Any Longer... You Must Be Ready ~ Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran – Emanate Love and Light

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN! I bring my spaceship, my great spaceship, and with it, all those who love this planet and its inhabitants in their hearts with me. The moment is approaching. Fear nothing. Fear nothing. Fear nothing. We cannot say that our apparitions will be full of joy and applause from the planet’s inhabitants. There will be those who will indeed applaud, and we already know them one by one. Their hearts will light up at the moment of our apparition. But, unfortunately, there is a large percentage of people on your planet that will not accept us, and many will emanate much fear and dread. Therefore, at the moment, those who are on the journey today, who know the way, who know our intentions, who know us deeply, will need to act oppositely. They will need to emanate much love. Not for us, but love for those brothers who still refuse to know the truth and let themselves be led by utterly erroneous information. At that moment, the moment of our apparition, a great wave of love emanated by us and by all of you will be necessary to fight the great wave of fear that will be emanated. I inform you the shadows are vibrantly awaiting that wave because it will help them create more problems on the surface and blame it entirely on our apparition. Therefore, that wave of love must be immense and cover all your brothers. It does not matter who. It does not matter where. It does not matter who they serve. What matters is that they are brothers so that that wave of love shields all your bodies on the planet. We are doing everything very cautiously and with a lot of responsibility. But, unfortunately, those who serve the shadows are with their fingers ready to press the button. They are only waiting for our apparition, and it must take place. We cannot wait any longer. Therefore, this entire process will be a great battle: the battle of the Light against the shadows, the battle of love against fear. We have done everything to show that we are not here to attack anyone. Our constant apparitions have made many reconsider your children. We cannot say they accept us yet, but at least they admit we exist. That wasn’t the case until a while ago. And we will appear more and more each day. It will happen constantly in your skies at every point of the planet so that everyone begins to understand that we are there, but we are not doing anything. Of course, we are being very cautious to avoid some erroneous information circulating. But, unfortunately, we have no way to prevent the moment of our apparition. Therefore, you must be ready. You must know how to emanate love, a lot of love. Emanate neither anger nor outrage because you will add up to their forces if you emanate any other feeling different from love. So, each one must fill his chest with love and emanate love only, in his own way, in his own terms. It is not necessary to have a technique. You do not need anything. Put the planet in your hands; make it small. Yes, there is no problem with that at all. Look at it with all the tenderness and love you can. Caress it as if it were a small animal. Give love to it as if you had something living in your hands that could almost wag its tail with so much happiness. See the planet in any way you like. What is important is that you emanate love for the planet. You will be adding up to our energies when emanating love for the world, and you might contain this energy of fear that is being emanated. And you will surely make a difference. We have constantly said that being a Pillar of Light is not just a label. Action is required. It is necessary to emanate Light, to emanate love. And the moment has come for you to actually be what you proclaim to be. It is not about being a Pillar of Light for yourself. It is not about being a Pillar of Light to evolve, to ascend. It is about being a Pillar of Light for your brothers. It is taking part; it is contributing; it is adding up. That is being a Pillar of Light. So, it is each one in his own way and in his own time. Getting together with one, two, three, or four is not required. It is even better if you want to get together, but it is unnecessary. Look at the planet and see it as something living in your hands, which is not a lie. That planet is alive. It is a living being in the universe, but you need to fill it with a lot of love, a lot of love. So you can appease this wave that is coming and so that everything happens in the most peaceful way possible. There is no way to avoid it. You have to appear. It is a point in the planet’s evolution, but we count on your help. Obviously and surely, all of us will emanate the love in our hearts, and we will fill this planet with love. But we need to reach the surface, but through you. May it be a wave emanated by you on the surface. That will be of the utmost importance even for you. Therefore, we rely on everyone’s help. We rely on everyone’s journey. Be Pillars of Light. Be Love and Light only.

Ashtar Sheran.

Channeled By Vania Rodriquez - Anjos e Luz Terapias, angels and light therapies.

Translation by Joana Rodrigues at


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