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We are About to Walk Together, Once Again~ The Pleiadians of Alcyone

Blessings our Dear Family of Light,

We are so anticipating our reunion with you, our Family, that we are filled with Joy. It has been many millennia since we have been able to step foot on the Planet Earth. We have missed our interaction with the Earth and her inhabitants. We the Pleiadians, were here at the beginning before the Planet Earth fell into Darkness. We and many of your Star families communed together on Earth, it was a Grand experiment. We all walked together, creating a Library of the Cosmos right there on Earth. The Intention for Earth was to create a living database of our Galaxy for all to enjoy. Many of You were also there in the beginning. Not as Humans but as your Star Families. The Earth was to be a Library of many of the Species, from all over the Galaxy. This is why your Planet has such diverse animal Life and Plant Life.

Many of the Species on your Planet have not evolved there. Even though there are some who has. Most have not. this is why you can not find evidence of them in your archeological searches.

We, From the Pleiades Star System, offered your planet some of your marine Life, including some fish, and Dolphins and Whales. While Your Early Horses came from Arcturus, Dogs came from Sirius, and Cats from Lyra. Your Planet has a piece of every Star system in this Galaxy. Humans, which were also seeds by your star families, were to be the Keepers and grow with The Earths diversity.

This is why your Scientist are so confused. Many animals and Humans can not be found on the Evolutionary scale.

Soon after, the Earth was set up for the experimental Library. There then was those who came to make claim. These beings attack the peaceful extraterrestrial, making us Leave the Planet. They took over the Planet and manipulated the Human genetics for Slaves, and evolved you much faster than was intended on your evolutionary scale. Once they realized their mistake, they blocked your physical and spiritual evolution all together. Which intern, allowed for an Intervention to take place.

Many of you who were there in those moments of Earth Timespace, vowed to help Humanity and the Earth. This became a Plan for the ascension of the Earth and Humanity.

The Plan was for in these moments, as the Earth awakened, to help push her into the Higher dimensions, allowing for her and her inhabitants to move out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions and into the 5th where she and Humanity will live peacefully. So many thousand of years ago in your Earth years, we began to alter humanities DNA and boost the Source Light towards the Planet.

However, a few thousand years ago we noticed, that the Dark ones were using ancient Star Readings against Humanity and the Earth to try and destroy her and keep humans as their slaves. It was decided that more drastic measures must be taken.

The Earth was destabilized in your ancient history in this Timespace. She was pushed off her axle, causing her wobble as you know it today. The Dark ones in those times was using the Stars and alignments to tell the future and was using it against Humanity and the Earth herself, creating negative timelines to further their agenda. So it became a plan to flip the Earth off her axle, confusing the Dark ones to where the Humans on the Planet had a fighting chance against them. The Tipping of the Earth is Spoke of in your ancient text. Where Sananda... the One you know as Yeshua, claimed to be responsible.

This was not done because astrology is evil, on the contrary, it helped make the situation easier for humans in those times. Now that astrology is widespread, and well understood, it has now become a tool for the Light, for the Human species.

Earth is to return to her origin, as the Library that she still is. Her information gathered through many millennia, from the many species and plant life are invaluable for study. and You, our Beautiful Family of Light, are Her Keepers. You are of Earth and of the Stars. You are Both.

Many Things are about to change in your reality. But you are not doing it alone. We are Here, All of your Star Families are here. Waiting for you to awaken from your Slumber. Waiting for you to remember us.

We Once walked with you, by your side. and we are about to, Once again. We Love you so.

We Witness you in the Light, and with Love.

We are The Pleiadians of Alcyone.

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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