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**URGENT UPDATE** 3 X Class Solar Flares in 24 hrs ~ IT'S NOT OVER YET! Stay Tuned ~ The Galactic Federation

This is an Urgent Ascension Event Update for May 9th 2024,

Blessings Our Dear Family of Light,

Your Solar Logos has ejected 3 X class colossal Flares within a 24 hour timespace. This extreme activity isn't expected to Slow any time soon.

Your star is keeping up its very high activity, with 3 more X flares over the past day. The first, an X1.0, came at 9:08 pm UTC last night, followed less than an hour later by an M9.9 – just on the threshold of another X flare. The second X flare of the past 24 hours was an X2.3, fired again by AR3664 at 9:11 UTC this your morning. This flare appears to have a fast coronal mass ejection, (CME), associated with it. and then At The Moment of this Update Another X Class flare reaching and X 1.1 erupted, giving you 3 Colossal ejections in the last 24 hours.

This same region has been firing off large M flares for the last 24 hours, and has now surpassed AR3663 as the primary region to watch. It's NOT OVER YET! Stay tuned.

Within the Last 24 hours, Very high sun activity continues with 3 X flares and a long list of M flares. The sun has produced 20 flares: 3 X flares, 15 M flares, and two C flares, within a 24 hour timespace.

The largest was an X2.3 flare from AR3664 at 9:11 am UTC on May 9. The Most recent being the X1.12 class flare happening at the time of this update.

Your Earth also is keeping up with the boost of activity from your Star.

Within the last 24 hours being very eventful as the frequencies began to fluctuate significantly again. In fact, the first oscillation of the series started on May 7th, at 23 hertz UTC and brought the amplitude to Power 25 hertz at 11:30 pm. Then on May 8th At 5:00 am UTC a more consistent movement began which led to peaks of higher values. At a Power 32 hertz at 7:30am, and a Power 37 at the maximum value, shortly after 8:00 am UTC and again shortly after 11:00 UTC. At 12:00 pm the frequencies quickly rose above the base values. Today on May 9th, The amplitude has started again, giving you a 27 hertz at the Time of this Update.

Your Star receives its direction and amplitude from the central star of this Galaxy, which receives its direction from the central Flower of Creation. The Infinite Creator, sends out the frequencies through intent from the Central Flower, This Galaxy then picks up on that vibration, and redirects it to the Stars within it. At these moments all the frequencies that are being sent by the Infinite, are being directed through your Star, for Humanities and the Earth's ascension. This works very much like your Wifi signals.

All this extreme activity that you and your Earth is receiving, is causing more to finally open their eyes to truth, to Love, to our presence, and to the very rapid ascent the Earth is now experiencing. The Earth is moving very quickly into the Higher 4th dimensional spectrum. Humanity must rise to meet these vibrations. 

There will be many choosing to leave the Earth in these times. Their physical bodies can not withstand the Higher vibrations the Earth is now receiving. It is now becoming much harder to hold on to any Lower vibration, including any Lower Emotions, such as Anger, Hate, or Fear. Those types of vibrations will feel very uncomfortable to the body. Release all that does not serve your ascension in these times. Only Focus on things that will raise you, in the Light. This will help to make your transformation into the Higher 4th dimension with much more Ease.

The Grand event is very near. The Infinite Creator, will awaken as many individuals as possible for this event. Pushing Earthlings into a 5th Dimensional Galactic Society. Your Mother Earth is so very excited as we all anticipate, your grand entrance into the 5th dimension.

We Love you so very Much, and we Honor your courage and dedication to the work of Light.

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been an Urgent Ascension Event Update for May 9th 2024.

Intuitive Transmission and researched by Chellea Wilder at


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