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**URGENT REPORT** ~ IT'S HERE ~ The Galactic Federation

Urgent Report, and Event Update, From The Galactic Federation for 11/25/2023.

This is an Urgent Message for humanity. You and the Earth are in the Midst of an extreme Energy Flux, in These Moments. Your Logos has ejected 2 M class and 10 C class solar flares within the Last 24 hrs... This has caused A Massive spike in the Schumann resonance, which is the Frequency of your Planet.

Last Night at 10:00 pm UTC A profound oscillation begin to happen with the frequencies of the Earth, with the Primary beginning at 7.20 Hz, and which began around midnight UTC, This set the Amplitude in motion; it quickly reached significant values from at about 12:30 UTC. The first oscillation reached Power 13, at 12:30 am, and was followed by another boost of Power 13 at 2:00 am UTC... and Then The Earths frequencies Jumped way up to Power 45, at 3:30 am...

Which reached its maximum value of Power 56, at 4:00 am UTC, This Spike lasted for 4 hours, and then rapidly decreased given the rise in frequencies.

So Today's Schumann Resonance amplitude is at 56 hertz, Meaning the Earth Boosted her Vibrations to just shy of 6th dimensional Frequencies.

This jump is the 4th boost within your calendar month of November, But this last one far exceeds the others in amplitude. Giving The Earth and all of her inhabitants a Major Jump in your ascension process.

We Wish to remind you of A Few of your Earth weeks ago, The Intergalactic Council of Andromeda, who work closely with the Galactic Federation, disclosed the Cosmic Rays coming in from the 7 of The One. These Energies are at a 6th dimensional level of vibration.

The Intergalactic Council expressed, that these rays of Light will begin to be seen from Earth, and your Scientist will not be able to explain what is taking place. Here is an excerpt from an article of what is taking place at the Moment in your time space, according to your sciences' perspective.

This is an Excerpt from

Researchers recently detected an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray, which is the most powerful since the famous, Oh My God particle, which was detected in 1991. They have no idea where it is coming from.

Researchers have detected one of the most powerful cosmic rays ever seen... and it's slamming into Earth. But, they have no idea what caused it or where it came from. The extremely energetic particle, which has been named after a Japanese goddess, arrived from the direction of a void in the universe where almost nothing is known to exist, according to new research.

Cosmic rays are highly energetic particles, mainly consisting of protons or helium nuclei, that are constantly raining through every square inch of the universe, including our bodies. But a small subsection of cosmic rays, which hit Earth roughly once per square mile every year, are accelerated to even greater energy levels by some of the universe's most intense phenomena. End of Excerpt.

Your scientists can not explain something that they have never witnessed before. They can only describe what they know. These Cosmic Rays are being directed to Earth through The 7 of the One. Which entered your Solar system about 2 of your Earth Months ago. The Intergalactic Council, had spoke of these rays that would be boosting the 6th Dimensional Frequencies toward Earth. This is what your scientist are now witnessing.

The Earth and all her inhabitants are being showered with the most beautiful 6th dimensional frequencies, in this moment. Absorb Them Gracefully and gently as they transform you and everything around you.

The 6th Dimensional Energies are Here. These energies will help Jump the Earth and all her inhabitants into the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. These energies will help you to clear and release more of what does not serve you within The Higher vibrations. The Earths and Humanity's Ascension is well underway. Soon you will be a 5th Dimensional Galactic Society. Continue to Stay Focused on the Light.

We witness you in Love

We are the Galactic Federation.

This has been an Urgent Report and Ascension Event Update, from the Galactic Federation for 11-25-23

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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