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**URGENT EVENT UPDATE** 3/24/24 ~ The Grand Event is Near!! ~ The Galactic Federation

This is an Urgent Ascension Event Update for March 24th 2024

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

The Earth and Humanity are experiencing High Vibrational Waves of energies hitting them at all directions. These beautiful Waves of Light, are amping up to help Push the human awareness into a higher state, at a much quicker pace.

The Divine order of the Infinite Creator, has allowed for the amp up of the energies as we, the many forces of Light, see fit. So We, the Galactic Federation, are actively increasing the intensity of these waves. This is to help with the Earth and Humanities transformation, assisting you and the Earth as you Rise above the Darkness. But we are not the Only ones intensifying the Frequencies that you, and the Earth, are receiving.

The Pleiadians of Alcyone, are also increasing the intensity of the 7th dimensional Rays of their Star, Which intern, is increasing the Vibrations of your Solar Logos. This enhancement, is allowing for your star to increase its activity.

This is actively happening in these moments. For the Last 48 hours of your Timespace, Your star has not stopped pushing 5th to 6th dimensional Frequencies.

Your Stars Extreme activity, started the morning of the 23rd at 1:30am UTC, An impressive asymmetrical full halo coronal mass ejection, was launched. A long-duration solar flare measuring X1.12 erupted from Active Region Coronal Hole, Number 3614, This event did not End until 2:21 am UTC. Making it one of the Longest Mass ejections, lasting approximately 40 minutes. However, This was only the beginning, since the X Class Flare, you have had 22 Large M class Flares over the Last 24 hours. Plus you are experiencing a Large G4 Geomegnetic Storm. Focused mainly at the Earths Poles. This Storm is a result of a Large M7.48 Class Flare plus 3 smaller M classes, that happen on the 22nd of your timespace.

The resulting X1 coronal mass ejection will arrive at Earth. An impact is expected somewhere during the second half of Monday the 25th of March in your timespace. Adding to the Geomagnetic storming, The X Class eruption, will continue The Geomagnetic Storm that you are having currently, into the 25th and 26th, at a moderate G2 level, perhaps even the strong G3 level. This would be strong enough for an aurora to be visible from places like England, Belgium, northern Germany, southern New Zealand, and states in the United States like Utah, and even Colorado.

Your Beautiful Mother Earth has Continued to Stay well within 4th dimensional Vibrations since our last update, mostly ranging within 20 to 29 hertz. With one Large Spike Hitting High 6th Dimension at 77 hertz on the 20th. The Earths current Frequency is staying at a steady hum at 14 hertz. 

This entire Solar System is being shifted into the 4th dimensional vibration at this moment, as it passes into More intense rays of the Photon Belt of the Alcyone Star. These new, Brilliant Waves, are lifting you and the Earth out of the darkness and into the glorious Light.

There are many different directions that you are receiving Brilliant Vibrations from. The Photon Belt, which is the Rays of the Alcyone Star system within the Pleiadies. Cosmic Frequencies from your Star Families. And the many rays directed throughout the cosmos, and from the center of this Galaxy and from the center of the Universe. Plus locally, Your Solar Logos, and your Beautiful Mother Earth's Vibrations. You are also receiving brilliant energies through Ancient Celestial Alignments, and The Eclipse Portal, which is a Doorway for Higher Transformation and a very sacred Moment in your timespace. It reflects of a moment, when Master Sananda walked with you there on your Earth. He came there in those moments, To plant the seeds for the transformation of the Human Race into the Light, That he knew would take place, within your current timespace. Many Energies are surrounding you. As you receive these beautiful vibrations, remember to keep your own vibrations High as well within the Light. Love, Joy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Oneness are the vibrations of these energies.

We, your many Star Families, are helping to balance, direct, and intensify these energies where needed, for a much smoother transition into the higher spectrum.

Ascension symptoms can also occur, including headaches, fatigue, or anxiousness. Stay in the Heart, and stay hydrated. Eating light will also help you through these intense waves. Continue your focus on raising your vibration through Becoming Love. The only way to adapt to these vibrations, is to become these vibrations.

To transition into these higher frequencies, your personal vibrations must match them. Lower emotions, such as Anger, Hate, greed, selfishness or any other based in Fear, will drop your vibrations greatly. Remember that you make the choice of what vibrations you wish to stay within. Your Ascension is happening now. You are being sent some of the Highest frequencies the Earth and Humanity have ever experienced before. Be in Joy, and Ride the Waves of Love. The Grand Event is Near!

We Love you and Honor You,

We are the Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for March 24th 2024.

Channeled and Researched By Chellea Wilder, at


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