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Total Collapse of the Dark Forces ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

So much is happening in these moments for humanity. Full Disclosure, the Matrix Crumbling, Cosmic Frequencies coming in at all angles, Earth's Transformation into a 5th density celestial body, Spectrum crossing from the 3rd into a 5Th degree of Light. And To top it all off with your own, Ascension of Consciousness Expansion into the Higher Understandings of the 5th Degree of Light.

It's all happening very quickly now. As more awaken, it will increase the momentum of all That's taking place on your Planet. This is The Moment that you incarnated here to experience. With all that's happening, Humanity is sure to be catapulted into The higher Degrees of Light. All of The Earth is feeling the Transformation. Each One of you will experience this Transformation differently. Some of you will rise in the Light with ease, while others may need to do more clearing of the old ways and belief systems of the matrix. The entirety of your world systems were set up by the dark Ones to entrap you during these moments of your ascension.

Many are in fear of losing what they have within the material world of the 3D matrix. It is true that once you enter the 5th degree of Consciousness, you will no longer need the material things you once adored. Everything changes, the material world will dissolve before your eyes. All things that are not Natural, such as Plastic, or other man-made products, and many of your machines, will no longer work within the Higher frequencies of the 5th Degree of Light. The Light breaks down all that is not natural.

This is why all of our vessels are designed with natural organic materials, or are themselves a living organism. Nothing synthetic can withstand the Higher Vibrations of the 5th Degree and beyond.

The Earth herself is becoming a 5th density Planet to where all that is not natural will begin to no longer hold up under the pressures of the Higher Light. Just as with your emotional state in raising your consciousness, all things in your reality must transform to meet the higher frequencies of Light.

During this transmission, This channel has asked us to explain who the Dark forces are, and where they came from. There is information coming out that they originated within the Andromeda Galaxy. This is false information. The Dark ones, you know as the Archons or the many races of Reptilians, Are some of the Most Ancient Species in this Universe. They were some of the Very first beings to exist within the Universe,. They originated from the Original Archon Creator which was considered a very powerful lesser god, which ruled this entire Material Universe. This was within the Very Ancient Past, billions of years ago within your Timespace.

The Lesser God and many of his minions, were placed By The Angelics, within the Void or Lower 4th density, which is emptiness. He and his minions are unable to leave that Density. Stopping his tyrannical reign over the Material Universe.

After their Ruler was removed billions of years ago, The dark ones who were left, within the material Universe, became very Highly advance technologically and begin to traverse into every Galaxy they could reach. Including the Andromeda Galaxy and even yours, the Milky Way Galaxy. These Dark beings infiltrated every planet that they could, who were still young in evolution. They have been doing this same infiltration of different species for Millions of your Earth Years.

This information was actually given to humanity by the One you Refer to as Jesus or Yeshua, But the Dark Forces who were already here, had already infiltrated the hierarchies of your Earth. This is why he was killed.

We the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, came into being to Counter the Dark Force. As Stated before we are of many different species of Higher Light from all over the Universe, We defend and protect those of Young Evolution from enslavement by the Darker Species.

However, the only way we can actually intervene is when the Divine Directs us. We have had many Masters throughout your History in this Timespace, That have warned of the Dark Ones and their Agenda. The Dark ones use trickery and deceit to lure their victims in most cases, implementing a type of financial system that creates a dependence on their system. Just as they have done there on Earth. This is their form of Control. They do understand the Workings of this Universe. They know that the Law that you know as Karma can stop them from completing their agenda, so they must have the permission of the species to infiltrate them. This is the Big Deception that they create. In doing so the species will comply to the Wishes of the Dark ones and become enslaved.

In these Moments we are here, within your timespace, to implement the Divines Order. The Divine Pair or the Ones we call the Infinite Creator, has allowed for The Andromeda Intergalactic Council to bring a stop to the Darks Agenda, and to help with the Boost of Frequency to increase the consciousness of Humanity to where they can evolve out of the Material Universe and into the Higher Light.

The Earth is the last planet to be liberated from their Grasp. This is why The Dark ones are trying so hard to continue their agenda of enslavement. They have placed claim on Humanity, claiming your species as theirs to do with as they wish. This has been happening for thousands of your Earth Years. But it is being stopped now. Everything that humanity has grown accustom to is about to collapse before their eyes. Many, if not most will fight to keep the old systems going. But no matter how hard they fight it, it will be transformed within the Light. Once the Light has totally cleared your Planet of the Darkness, all that will be Left is Love. Your Love for Each other and this Earth.

Our many Wanderers have come here to help liberate Humanity and this Earth from the Dark ones grasp. Your Missions have all been a success. You are now witnessing the Total Collapse of the Dark Forces.

We await you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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